The Beauty of Malawi

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Aubria Ware Ngamie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

South Africa, there are so many beautiful cultures and an amazing environment out there. It’s a wonder to be there and if you’re looking to travel the world, stop by. Maybe you need more information on it first though, so here’s what I have to say about the wonderful place.

Africa itself is a mix of cultures as well as tribes that all share their own unique characteristics. A number of African qualities being languages, African arts and crafts and of course clothes and religion. The beauty of Africa is the friendly attitude that the people have. Malawi, nicknamed “The warm heart of Africa” because the majority of the people are so kind.

My grandfather, Adrian Ngamie Sr. was born in Zomba Malawi which is a part of South Africa. He explained to me how he’s grown up in relatively small towns smaller in comparison to towns in america. He explained to me how,  “Everybody knows everybody. From 3rd to 8th grade, I grew up in a town where there were only 2 grade schools, one was catholic and the other was Presbyterian”. 

In Catholic schools the students had worn blue uniforms while Presbyterians wore green. Many children only had their uniform as clothing so that had been a way to get identified in this small town. At the time, Adrian hadn’t been able to understand the language and was taught separately from the other kids. “At first Malawi didn’t have birth certificates so in order to start school you had to put your hand on the top of your head and reach the ear on the other side, if you couldn’t, you were deemed not old enough” unfortunately, he wasn’t able to reach his ear and failed but his father managed to get him in anyway. After the third grade he had been moved to Mzuzu Malawi. Mzuzu is one of the northern cities in Malawi, it’s also greatly known for its tea, coffee and also rubber. 

Adrian is a part of the Lhomwe tribe from Zomba, Lhomwe is not only one of the largest tribes in Mozambique but they occupy the lower Eastern part of Malawi. The Lhomwe are people of simple culture with no known history of conflict. There are rituals for boys and girls in their early teen years. Yet, catholic parents did not allow their children to attend this.

Let’s not forget about Lake Malawi, Lake Malawi is arguably the most beautiful lake in the world with nothing but the view of fresh water, air and mountains that are so scenically pleasing. Another thing that Malawi has that many other places don’t is natural beauty, now this natural beauty comes from not only the landscapes and the environment but the people and communities who make this beautiful place shine.