Leon Edwards Knocks Out Kamaru Usman


Photo credit: wikimedia.org

Isaac Sierra, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

Kamaru Umsan is a professional mixed martial artist in the UFC welterweight division. He has been champion of that weight class since 2019, after he had won against the former UFC welterweight champion: Tryon Woodley, by unanimous decision. Since then, he has held 5 title defenses against top fighters. He has an amazing record of 20 wins and 2 losses. He is definitely known for being one of the scariest in the division for his wrestling, striking, and his power. Kamaru Usman has also knocked out some of the top people in his division, for example, he had knocked out Jorge Masvidal cold, he had broken Colby Covingtons jaw with a hard clean strike, and he had beaten Leon Edwards before. 

This happened on December 19, 2015 when Kamaru had won against Leon Edwards by unanimous decision. Leon Edwards currently has a record of 17 wins and 3 losses and is now the new champion of the UFC welterweight division. Leon Edwards has gotten way better ever since that fight and most recently, Leon Edwards had actually taken down Kamaru Usman. Leon Edwards is now the first person to ever takedown Kamaru Usman in the UFC. After Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman fought the first time in 2015, Leon had a winning streak of 8 games. In the fight against Nate Diaz on June 12, 2021, Leon Edwards was winning against him, but suddenly Nate hit him with a clean strike that left him stunned. That clip had been all over social media, with people making edits about it. However, Leon Edwards still won the fight. After that win, Leon Edwards had finally received a title shot after 8 years of being in the UFC. The title shot was Kamaru Usman and that wouldn’t be the first time they’ve fought before. After about 6 years they finally had a rematch, but this time fighting for the belt. Kamaru was winning initially, but then Leon Edwards hit him with an unexpected powerful roundhouse kick to the face. This was the first time Kamaru Usman had ever been knocked out and it was extremely shocking to everyone watching. Kamaru was knocked out in the 5th round, about 4 minutes in.

Colby Covington is a very good wrestler with some of the best cardio in the UFC. His striking is okay but not as good as Kamaru Usman. Colby Covington has a record of 17 wins and 3 losses, he has fought Kamaru Usman twice and lost every single time. Colby Covington is also a good fighter because he has also fought guys like Jorge Masvidal, Robbie Lawler, Rafael Dos Anjos, and even Tryon Woodley. He won against most of these fighters by unanimous decision, however, he had defeated Tryon Woodley by KO/TKO. Colby Covington is no joke as he is currently ranked #2 in the UFC welterweight rankings.

Jorge Masvidal is quite a feared person in the welterweight division, currently ranked #6. Jorge Masvidal has a record of 35 wins and 16 losses, showing his long experience in the game. He is known for being the best boxer in the UFC welterweight division and he has also been against many of the top fighters. He had won against guys like Nate Diaz, Darren Till, and Donald Cerrone. Jorge Masvidal also has the fastest knockout in all of UFC history in a fight against Ben Askren; He had knocked him out in 5 seconds with a flying knee to the face! 

Kamaru Usman has been dominating the welterweight division and it was very shocking to see him get knocked out by Leon Edwards that night. Kamaru Usman had said in a Joe Rogan podcast, “Leon gave me a 20 minute nap.” Leon Edwards is now the new champion of the welterweight division, and fans would love to see another rematch between them.