Owl Feed Multimedia Journalist – Oumou Bah


Hi, I am Oumou Bah and I am a senior this year, Class of 2016! I was born and raised in Conakry, Guinea, I was 6 years old. Afterwards, I traveled to Portugal and New York before arriving to the desert called Arizona, with my wonderful mother and older brother and sister.

Growing up I struggled to learn English and absolutely hated the fact that I moved away from my family and friends and the one place I called home. However, after three years of moving to Arizona I became accustomed to the new culture and started to form friendships that I continue to have to this day. As for my English, I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself and can officially add it as my third language: first being Pulaar, my home language, and second being French, the language spoken in school back in Guinea. Next goal is to learn Arabic. Help me!

As a student at Agua Fria, I am glad to know that when I look back to my high school experience, I will be extremely proud to know that I was highly involved. As of right now I am student body secretary and Health Occupation Students of America secretary, and I am also part of Interact and hope to join Improv and National Honor Society. Agua Fria is an amazing school where everybody is united despite their backgrounds and accepting of diversity. I honestly could not imagine going anywhere else in the world.

I am looking forward to see how far journalism will go and hope that as your OwlFeed journalist, I keep you informed in everything to do with Agua Fria and updated on as much news as possible.

Look out for me on Twitter: @OwlOumou and remember to show that Owl Pride!