Meet Mrs. Johnson!

By Divine Olorunfemi

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IMG_20160122_144137Mrs. Johnson has been teaching Read 180 at Agua Fria High School for 2 years. She loves imparting her knowledge into others and loves seeing the light bulb go on. She also enjoys making a great impact in the life of kids.  

“I love imparting my knowledge into other people,” Mrs. Johnson said. “Many of them are receptive to learning and doing well.”

Before she came to teach high school, she taught at an elementary to junior high and she works better with high school. “I taught at the Avondale District: Avondale Middle School, Wildflower School and Cooper Trail School,” she said.      

Mrs. Johnson teaches people who need help with their reading skills and encourages  the students to use better word choice in their writing.

She is determined to teach us to set and reach our goals through focus, determination and hard work.

“Many of them are receptive to learning and doing well,” Mrs. Johnson said of her students.

When Mrs. Johnson hears the phrase “Be an Owl,” the first things that comes to her mind are “tradition, community and home.”