OPINION:Why Abortion Should Be Legal


Charles Edward Miller

Photo credit: Charles Edward Miller

Evianna Wright , OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

There are 8% of women that have abortions because of their abusive relationships. There are also 1 out of 6 women that are abused by their partner while they are pregnant. When women go through that, they might not want to raise a child in such an awful environment. Which is why abortion should be an option. Think about it for a moment. Imagine someone is making a law that you can’t have an abortion and not knowing the reason behind it or the background. Abortion should be legal it is not okay that men are telling women what we can and can’t do with our bodies. 

Abortion became illegal in most US states in the mid-year of 2022. It seems that the Supreme Court made abortion illegal because they want people to keep having children no matter what the circumstance. What they see in their eyes is that people should only have sexual intercourse to only have children, and that is something I completely disagree with. On the other hand, there were so many protests saying it should become legal, which is something I completely agree with. 

Anti-abortion first came to light in 1973 and recently in the mid- year of 2022 it became illegal in most of the states in the United States. This decision was made by the Supreme Court to make abortion illegal and that is 100% not right. The government had no right to make that decision and to even get involved with women’s rights. This topic is something that we need to talk about and that is important. Women have fought for so much back then and now. No man should tell a woman what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. 

There are so many women around the world that also have abortions because they physically can’t have a baby and their health issues stop them from having a baby. Some pregnancies just happen, even when you are keeping yourself protected. Women need that option due to rape or have health issues that arise. A lot of women can’t physically give birth to a child and they really need an abortion to protect their lives. The fact that men are changing that and making that decision for us is beyond wrong. 

To get some personal insight, I interviewed my mother on this topic at 10:40 am on September 3rd 2022. I first asked her what her opinion on abortions was, and  she said, “Everybody has their reason and their are situations where they may feel they aren’t meant to be a mother.” The next question I had asked was,  What do you think is the main reason women have abortions”? Her answer was,  “I think people who have been raped and been in abusive relationships who seek out abortions and terminate the baby because of the situations, but I also feel that there are women who knowingly have sex and knowing the consequences, and then seek an abortion multiple times and I don’t agree with that”.  Lastly the last question is, “If you could talk to the Supreme Court and have the opportunity to maybe change their decision, what would you say?” Her answer was ,“Maybe you haven’t been in this position where a baby was created and you feel like you have the right to say and it should be up to the person having a baby. And to leave it up to the Supreme Court to make the decision of what women should do with our bodies is wild. Trust the woman’s mind and let it be the woman’s decision”.  I completely agree with what my mother was saying.

 It honestly makes me sad to see what our world has come too. That society is so out of control right now. I wish this whole situation could be fixed but it can’t be and it just won’t be. I think that in the future what could help this situation is to let us women do what we feel is best. Stop having men control us and our decisions. Then again, in my opinion, I want that to happen but I truly don’t think it will. I hope this article shed light on the importance of women’s health, choice, and voice, and that we can come together to fight back and make a difference.