Costume Ideas for Halloween

Mushroom Ritchie, OwlFeed lifestyle Editor and Reporter

Trick or treat! Costumes of every type, cute or creepy, cool or spooky, people dressing up on this night has been a tradition for years. Whether you dress as your favorite character or something silly, dressing up is what it’s all about! Maybe a ghost or a black cat, Batman or Dracula, making a costume or finding one is fun. If you don’t have a costume yet and need a quick idea, take a look, maybe you’ll find one that catches your eye.

This first idea comes from 100 Best Halloween Costumes That Will Be Hard to Top. They have plenty of cool and fun ideas for costumes for you to choose from but for this example, I’m using their steampunk inspired outfit. The image they used shows a man and a woman dressed in steampunk attire with a more old-timey/vintage color scheme. The most noticeable part of the costume is the iconic steampunk goggles. It’s a cool idea and it looks amazing, you can find some great inspiration just from an aesthetic.

Another fun idea from 43 cute best friend Halloween costumes that’ll bring double the fun. This one is a matching costume between three friends, Heathers. With Heather Chandler, Heather Duke, and Heather McNamara(mac·namara). I had to put this one on the list as I love the music from the musical and the 1988 movie itself of course. If your group is bigger than three with four or five, you can always add a Veronica Sawyer and maybe a Jason Dean(JD).

Another matching costume idea is an idea from a close friend of mine. A pretty good movie and musical, you can go as Beetlejuice and Lydia. Dress with your friend or with a lover, you get to choose between an emo teen or a zombie looking ghost. I myself will dress as Lydia and my friend is going as Beetlejuice himself. We won’t actually get to hang out together that night but it gives me an excuse to dress in all black.

The final outfit idea is from 55 Unique Costume Ideas for Halloween 2022. A sequel to a movie came out recently, so why not throw this one in here, the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. With this one, you can grab two of your friends/siblings and dress like some old time witches. With brooms and a grudge, these witches are out for some fun. Adding a book with an eye might just make the costumes even better.