Princess Diana and Her Style

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Taylor Williams-Aguirre, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Before Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and Camilla Shand, there was Princess Diana. Princess Diana married King Charles and after 15 long years of marriage and 2 kids, they finally called it quits. Diana is known for many things, but one thing that people will always know her for is her fashion.

What made her fashion so memorable was her iconic “revenge dress”. The “revenge dress” was made by Designer Christian Stambolian for Princess Diana for the Serpentine Gallery’s summer party. The “revenge dress” was a short, silk, off-the-shoulder black evening gown. The reason that it’s called the “revenge dress” is that Diana wore it the same night, her husband at the time Prince Charles, confessed his love for his now-wife, Camila.

Now let us go more in-depth with Diana’s most iconic looks. In her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, Diana wore a gown that fully embraced the style of the 1980s with its giant, puffy sleeves. That said, the most iconic and daring part of this gown is its train. The train was 25 feet long, the longest in royal-wedding history. Also, Princess Diana wore a stunning red, sparkly gown by Bellville Sassoon to an event in 1981. She wore red and silver jewelry and carried a silver clutch to complement. When Princess Diana traveled to Brazil in 1991 for an official visit, she wore another daring neckline. This pink and white floral gown was designed by Catherine Walker. Diana always had the most elegant ways to dress when it came to special events, and because of this, she took everyone’s breath away.

While everyone might be wearing their biker shorts with sweatshirts these days, Princess Diana is the one who started it all. Her casual fashion moments were just as enviable. She wore these yellow overalls over a colorful floral top to a polo match in July 1981. The look was finished off with red espadrille wedges and big sunglasses. Also, while dropping her sons off at school in 1989, Princess Diana threw on a checkered blazer over a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants. She finished off the casual look with brown embellished boots and a navy baseball cap. On a 1993 trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Princess Diana rocked a classic 1990s mom look in high-waisted khaki shorts and a tucked white T-shirt. Diana wasn’t afraid to show off her casual side at all even as a princess it never stopped her from being herself.

In today’s society, you can still see people wearing Diana fashion trends all throughout the world. She will always have a big role in the fashion industry and forever has a big place in everyone’s heart.