They See Me


Photo credit:Aubria Ware Ngamie

Aubria Ware Ngamie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

I can feel it, 

The eyes that never looked

They watch me

Reading my moves

As easy as a book

They don’t ever greet me

Only stare 

I ask them to stop

They smile at my terror

They See Me

I know they’re there

Everyone pretends not to see them

Well, maybe it’s just me

Am I really here?

Entry 1-

Who am I, you ask?

I’ll give you a hint

You can find me in your closet

Maybe under your bed

But most importantly

I’m always in your head

Why am I here?

I feed on what’s weak

So quite obviously 

You’d be my best pick

I watch you suffer

I whisper in your ear

Of all the things you hate to hear

It always brings a smile to my face

Your pain to me,

Is as savory as eating

the last slice of cake

Entry 2-

The girl next door

She scares me

Every night around the same time 

I only hear her screaming

One night, out of curiosity

I looked out my window

Wondering what I’d see

There was she

And so was he

I picked up my phone

About to call the police

But when I looked up

There was she

But where was he?

Maybe all along

I didn’t see anything

Still, I had to be sure

So I went over

Knocked twice

And waited at the door

She answered 

Quietly stared at me

Hesitant, I asked about the noise

She said I’d been hallucinating

And asked that I’d leave 

I thought of asking about the man

And as if she had read my mind

Under her breath she whispered 

“Once he gets a hold of you,

You’ll never be free”

The next few nights

I didn’t hear any screams 

Entry 3-

Oh how I loved it

The way she screamed

Oh how I miss it

Her sunken face emptied of life

All because of me

You know, sometimes 

Even I wonder why

Why am I here?

What do I gain

Taking every smile

Clean off an innocent face

Well to be honest

I’ve never really cared

every day you inch closer to death

But see me, I simply 

Assist you there

Entry 4

The newspaper came in today 

With your face printed all on it 

I had wondered why it was

You stopped coming by

A regular customer

A bright light

One I could never touch 

I miss the sight of you

Something just isn’t right 

Why is there no suspects

I’ll find out the truth

Entry 5

It’s dark out 

The silence was so loud

Sitting in this empty home

That was once full of sunlight

I want to find

What took your life

The camera sat still

Faced right towards me

Whatever you are,

I’m about to see

My phone in one hand 

To view the darkness behind me

It had been a quarter since three

Since I’ve felt you breathing

Slow and coarse on my neck

But every glance in my camera

There wasn’t a thing I could see

Or more so,

That’s what I’d been pretending 

When I slowly turned to face him

Why did he 

Smile at me?

Last Entry.

These people

What do they live for

As the day goes by

What are they headed towards

Their bright lives and joy

Make my skin itch

All the happiness and joy

I despise it

I am no monster

I can feel emotion

Joy rushes through me

Seeing them in my sight lifeless

I am no monster

I bring peace to those who need it

Just look in the mirror

Gaze into my eyes

Then you will see it 

I’ll say hi 

Caress your soul

And then,

I’ll eat it.