Agua Fria Football Team vs Westpoint


Photo credit: Isaac Sierra

Isaac Sierra, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

On September 29, 2022, Agua Fria’s JV football team went against Westpoint. At the start of the game, Agua Fria wasn’t doing too well. The Owls had fumbled the first play. Halfway through the game, Agua Fria still hadn’t scored a point and Westpoint was above them by almost 20 points. But most importantly, there were a couple of injuries during the game, with one of them being so serious that they would have to cancel the entire match. The game finished with Agua Fria having 0 points and Westpoint having 28 points.

The game was canceled due to a player getting an ankle injury. The ambulance came and the game was over. It was a sad loss for Agua Fria that night. Although this may be something they can’t take back from the game, they could still analyze their opponents better and identify their strengths and weaknesses for the future. 

Erick Cardenas, a fan of the Agua Fria’s football team said, “The heart displayed was incredible even though the team suffered a loss. This is an opportunity to learn.” This perspective from Erick could help inspire Agua Fria’s football team, and maybe it can get the team back on track.