Halloween Classics


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Nova Washington, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Halloween movies, we all love them, and once again Halloween has come. If you’re looking to watch some movies this year then recommendations are what you need. Maybe a scary movie or maybe something Halloween related, these are some great movies for bundling up and watching on Halloween night.

A good one to watch is Halloweentown. In the movie, Marnie and her children follow their grandmother home to Halloweentown. This town is the only place witches, monsters, and such can live a somewhat normal life. Little did they know something was on its way on her 13th birthday, not only did she find out she was a witch but soon after she and her family will have to fight against the life threatening evil to stop it from taking over the world.

A popular movie you can check out is Coraline. In this movie, a young girl named Coraline explores her new home only to find the outline of what seems to be a door. She looks for the key and when she finds it she ends up opening it. This door leads to a perfect version of the victim’s life. She grows to like it there but she later finds out a disturbing fact about this place and tries to escape it. She is forced to play a game and needs to complete a treasure hunt in order to finally leave.

Another good one is Hocus Pocus. It’s a great movie to watch during Halloween. Shortly after moving to the town of Salem, a teenage boy named Max and his younger sister, Dani, and their new friend, Allison explore an old abandoned house that was rumored for trouble. After Allison tells the crazy and creepy backstory of the house they were in, Max decides to light the candle as a joke, once they realize that they released the Sanderson sisters. Along the way, they meet a talking cat that helps them on their journey to try to defeat the witches. More towards the end of the movie they find out what it is that they have to do to fix this mess they’ve created.

Also for your list, Nightmare Before Christmas is an awesome movie and one of my personal favorites. This movie starts with Jack Skellington, king of the pumpkin patch. He is adored by his beloved town called Halloween Town but one day he grew tired of his routine in his town and he finds a new town that interests him. Everything was so colorful and bright and everyone was happy and fun. He wants to feel the holiday spirit himself so he plans to take over Christmas. He soon finds out that he may have made a mistake.

Last but not least, the Corpse bride. Corpse Bride is an amazing movie, Victor and Victoria’s family arranged their marriage but they both end up having feelings for each other. Victor gets nervous about the wedding and he starts practicing his lines, little does he know he’s about to meet a lovely lady named Emily. Emily was murdered after running away with her love. Emily wants to marry Victor after an accidental proposal. Victor tries to get back to Victoria before it’s too late.