OPINION:Top 5 Things To Do During The Spooky Season


Photo credit: pixexid.com

Evianna Wright , OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Everyone has their favorite things to do during these seasons,whether it be making hot chocolate, going for a swim or hunting Easter eggs but what about the SPOOKY seasons. There are many things to do like go to  fear farms, carnival’s, Halloween parties, scary movies and dressing up for Halloween . So let’s talk about 5 activities to do during the SPOOKY season and why you should go and do them. During the Halloween season nothing is better than dressing up as sociopaths and demanding candy from strangers, or at least that’s some people’s favorite thing.

One thing you can do during the spooky season is go to the fear farm. Fear Farm is scary and fun especially when you have them chase you with chainsaws. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends. Fear farm is a good excuse to get in a good scare.  There are new attractions there every year, so it’s different every year so it’s not so boring. The price is also very decent and you definitely get your money’s worth. 

Another thing you can do during Halloween time is go to carnivals. Here in Arizona the state fair comes around every year starting at the end of September until the end of October. There are games, rides, lots and lots of rides and my favorite part is their food. Not until recently did they put a circus there too. You can go with friends, maybe even your significant other. It is fun, romantic, and a good experience. There are plenty of people that don’t know where to go with friends or what to do and the State Fair is the best place to go during the spooky season. 

Next thing to do is Halloween parties. Halloween parties are very famous during the spooky season. There is food, people dressing scary, scandalous, and hype music. Although Halloween parties or parties in general are crazy sometimes Halloween parties can be cool. People get to go and dress up and no one will know who you are, which a  lot of people would do. 

Second to last the most important thing to do during the spooky season is watching horror movies. For example Halloween, The conjuring, and etc. Horror movies are a great way to get scared and it’s such a classic thing to do. Whether you are with friends or even with family. When you think of  horror movies you think of Halloween. It’s a good activity especially if you love suspense or thriller. 

Lastly , is dressing up and figuring out what to do. There are so many costumes and characters you can be. You can be a witch, clown, the purge etc.  People love dressing up because you can be anything you wanna be and dress how you want and people can’t judge you because it’s a costume. Halloween is a very fun, spooky, and scary celebration. So many people enjoy it but some don’t know what to do. Knowing all this, which idea from the article will you do this Halloween?