OPINION:Annabelle’s Real Story


Photo credit: flickr.com

Gabriella Leon, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

The Annabelle story is one that many people know about, from the famous hauntings on the doll down to the reason she was haunted but many don’t really know the truth. When the Annabelle

Movies came out and they talked about the horror and destruction that she caused and although Hollywood made a great series some of the things that happened in the series were dramaticized. In the show people would wake up to notes/death threats, harmful cuts, the doll in different or random spots and the doll killing people and sometimes possessing them. When in reality people the real doll didn’t kill anyone, as a matter of a fact it didn’t look like the doll in the movies it was an old raggedy Anne doll but due to its non threatening appearance Hollywood changed Annabelle’s look to something more terrifying, like the Annabelle glass doll that we see in the theaters. 

In the movie the Annabelle doll is an artifact that was created by a doll maker named Samuil Mullins that he gifted his daughter with who was named Annabelle. Now in the movie the reason that this doll became possessed is because a demon latched it’s soul onto the doll and began terrorizing the family, but accordining to the origanal holders of Annabelle the doll was not only falsely resembled in the movies but also the story line of how she came to be was also twisted. First of all Annabelle was never given to the the daughter for a gift before she was born but rather a gift that she received from her mother on her birthday, and the doll that she was given wasn’t a glass doll but was a raggedy Anne doll that seemed to look like the rest of the raggedy Anne dolls back then. The doll was not demonic before it was given to Annabelle the previous owners have confirmed this saying that it was simply a harmless doll although the theories believe that because of Annabelle’s young and untimely death a demonic creature latched itself to the doll’s form and tormented the family. The doll would often be found in different places of the house like in Annabelles creation, Angie and Donna two nurses who became in possession of the doll stated “At first it was subtle movements but then we would find it on its knee’s kneeling which was weird because if we tried to make it kneel the doll would fall over.” (Historyvshshollywood.com) The doll was not only known for its random jolts and movements but also its traces of blood. Similar to the movie the doll would be found with random spots and would often be found covered in blood, three dots of it in the front to be exact and the back of it covered in blood. Whose blood it would be no one would know but they’d find it on the doll. So Annabelle’s true story was that she was haunted at the beginning of everything, she belonged to a girl named Annabelle who passed too soon and the cursed doll nearly got passed down until it was put into the museum.