The running river ver.1


Photo Credit: Mushroom Ritchie

Mushroom Ritchie, OwlFeed Lifestyle Editor

The river flows for days on end

It flows forever and never stops

But it seems more recently the water has slowed

By each day that passes it gets even slower

From rushing water that used to roar

To a shallow flow in one constant direction


The river still runs toward the ocean

Only now it cannot reach its goal to the body of water

Something is stopping it

A beaver’s dam is so tight and snug

It cuts off the course of the water


Not that it matters

Soon it will dry

It’ll leave nothing left but the path that it took

To get from one end to the other

But that’s all it took was one little beaver

One little dam and one hot day


The water stops it’s flow

The river bank drys

The beaver had won

The water that flowed then came to a trickle

Now it’s no longer and the path still remains


The beaver hoarded the ocean

Any river that flowed to it was cut off

The rivers were blocked, some had dried

The beaver was greedy

It claimed the water

It never wanted to share it

It found a way to take the water


The beaver kept the water all to itself

It never allowed anyone else to get near

If anyone tried, the beaver attacked

The beaver was mean like a high school bully

It would never give up it’s water for any


But this isn’t about beavers or rivers

They never existed

This is a love story

And the beaver is a person

My love is the river

And the ocean was a lover

The beaver stole it and kept it away

She blocked me from him

And now I’ve lost him


I don’t talk to him much anymore

He seems too busy to be online

He doesn’t take notice of my pain

The beaver came from nowhere

And stole what I loved


The river doesn’t run anymore

My love is spent, every last drop

It’s bare and dry

I’ve no more tears to cry


Filled with oxygen or without

My lungs are full either way

Full of anger, full of rage

They’ll feel my wrath

One way or another

I’ll have my way


The source of the river is stronger than before

I am the source

I am stronger

. . .

I have power


My heart aches of pain

I’ll be over it soon

After all

My love is the running river

Rivers can form after time

They can change their course

And maybe I’ll change mine




I did end up changing my course

I’m happy now

I don’t need the ocean

Now I have a lake to send my water to

A new body of water

Without beavers and dams


Good Ending