Meet Mr. Fox

By: Sarah Loya -OwlFeed

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Meet Mr. Fox, your not-so-typical math teacher. A graduate of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., Mr. Fox majored in psychology but knew wanted to be a teacher at a young age. Ever since the age 14 he would teach classes at a summer camp and one summer he taught an F grade math class.

“I had one student, Shania. It was so great to see her finally figure out math,” Mr. Fox said. “Working with Shania has been such a huge motivation for me to keep going.”

Mr. Fox’s outside-of-school activities include playing tennis (which he coached last year here at Agua Fria), singing along with his music while grading papers, and he might’ve taken a ballet class while he was in college. You just didn’t hear that from me, though.

With his easy going personality you should expect his class to be full of positive energy.

“Happier people are more successful people,” Mr. Fox said, explaining why he always tries to keep his classes fun and positive.

When asked what it means to be an Owl, Mr. Fox’s answer was clear and to the point: the unique school events, the band at Friday night football game, and the overall school spirit makes up an Owl.

Mr. Fox has been a wonderful addition to our staff and we can’t wait for him to prepare our future freshmen and sophomores for college.

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