OPINION: Marvel Going Downhill


Photo credit: flickr.com

Gabriella Leon, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Marvel is one of the most creative and beloved movie series ever created, starting when the first movie, Iron Man was released in 2008 and the series wrapped up with Avengers Endgame in 2019. But ever since phase 4 was released the ratings in the new marvel movies have hit a decline and ratings have decreased dramatically with endgame leaving a high rating of 4.7 and the movie left its viewers in absolute amazement especially after Spider-Man No way home with its rating reaching a record of 4.8 but after that is when the movies began to lose it’s Marvel worthy title. 

With Dr. Strange’s Multiverse of Madness running down to 3.6 and soon after Eternals falling short to 3.3 and Thor Love and Thunder reaching all time low of 3.2. Losing nearly 1.6 percent since 2021 (Only a year) Marvel is declining at an alarmingly fast rate and is hoping to regain its former glory with the new releases of Black Panther. But why is Marvel suddenly going downhill after all this time? Well, most critics believe it’s because of new directors trying to change their cinematic masterpieces by changing the character’s personalities. Like Thor Love and Thunder; most critics believe they took Thor’s character of humor to an unfamiliar level, to where most couldn’t recognize or see the old and beloved Thor who betrayed a series persona and took matters into a certain urgency. Whereas now Thor is a relaxed, uncaring, clingy, and overly confident joke. 

Why are the movies suddenly losing their Marvel charm? Most people believe that these Movies have been different ever since Disney took over, and although Spider-Man No way Home, and Endgame were taken over by Disney the more recent movies have seemed to lose their worth wild ways and many people believe it’s because of its not so subtle way to appeal to its new audience members. People assume this because more and more people have noticed subtle changes in the movies that otherwise would not have been there in previous years. Like in Multiverse of Madness they took an action pact movie and changed it to where every scene was gory and horror like. 

Or the idea of Eternals where they bring in famous actors to boost up their credits. Or even changing characters to make them comedic to appeal to audience members for better judgment. Whatever the case may be Marvel has changed to appeal to its new audience and try to boost its ratings. Marvel judges the ratings of how well they did based on money intake meaning that they see how much the movie is making and judge seeing how much they spent on it and how much they’re making after the movie’s release. Avengers Endgame brought a total of 2.8 billion dollars worldwide, Avengers Infinity War was a total of 2.05 billion dollars, Spider-Man No Way Home had a grand total of 1.926 billion dollars, Multiverse of Madness sold 955.7 million dollars, Iron Man 3 made 1.3 billion, Civil War got 1.9 billion and the some of the lowest making movies were Thor Love and Thunder with 702 million dollars, and Eternals at a grand total of 402 million dollars. 

Now, many will argue and say that these new Marvel movies still made more money than the original phase one Marvel movies, and they are correct for example The Hulk movie made one of the lowest incomes out of this franchise. However, the reason that the new Marvel movies are excelling and making more money than the original ones isn’t that these movies are better but because these movies have a successful series that holds them to a higher stance than the first movies. The first movies were starting the scene for the storylines to grow off of so obviously the new movies will hold a higher standpoint. But though they may try they can not surpass the original franchise.