The Magical ESS dance

Photo Credit: Aylen Villasenor

Aylen Villasenor and Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez, OwlFeed Media Editor and OwlFeed Editor-In-Chief

Do you believe in magic? Well, usually happy and memorable moments are related to magic, and this past Friday, the 9th of December,  it was tangible in the air from the moment you entered the Old Gym. Balloons, flags, and bright colors decorated this one catching the attention of the attendees, accurately presenting the Carnival theme for the ESS Winter Formal, while students district wide danced and had fun with their families and loved ones.

Photo credit: Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez

The attendees came dressed in such a colorful and cheerful way, and the joyful vibe was easily related to the one of a carnival where the spotlight was on their smiles. During the event, students from all over the district danced all around the place having a good time with family and friends, and even though the music and dance were exceptional, the rest of the activities that were taking place couldn’t have been left behind; face painting, games and a photo booth to capture the magic of the moment also stood out among the students and families.

Photo Credit: Aylen Villasenor

Proper to the theme the food was often highlighted by the guests as creative: popcorn-inspired cupcakes, colorful shaved ice, and more appetizers contributed to the energetic spirit of the dance which was presented in perfect portions, in order to give the guests the needed amount of energy to continue enjoying the event. 


The Old Gym was full of life. Students from all around the district having fun together made it look like a very energetic and lively winter formal dance. This magical day was defined as a memory where every corner was full of light, color, life, and happiness, commemorating the fraternal spirit existing between the school across the district and the people who conformed to them.

With all this excitement the ESS department felt included in this amazing dance. “ We all come together, no matter what we look like, no matter how we may dress. We all just come together and just have fun,” said Shanece Porter. This dance gave the ESS department the ability to have its own version of a school dance. 

Photo Credit: Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez

The amount of joy and energy that people brought out onto the dance floor was spectacular. You could feel the positivity and the happiness within the old gym. Not only were people feeling included, they even included Aylen and I, to get food and have fun.


When interviewing Shanece Porter, I asked “How does this dance help bring people together?” She responded with a heartwarming message, “It gives everybody a perspective, that we may be different, but we are still the same.” Shanece was also DJing for the dance, making the vibe in the old gym astronomical. 

Photo Credit: Jesus Ortiz Gonzalez


The ESS department tries its best to put on events like this to make the kids feel more included in the school. Agua Fria is all about inclusion, so making this event happen was something that was needed. Even people from Student council and yearbook were there to help as much as they can.


As the dance went on and the party kept going, the vibes were just immaculate. With such positivity and welcoming energy, Journalism is thankful for letting us cover this amazing event.