My Singing Monsters: The Return of a Game

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Skylar Lytle, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Remember when you were six, playing on your parent’s phones? Do you remember a certain game called My Singing Monsters? That’s right, that funky little game from your childhood never stopped getting updates, and now it’s back and more popular than ever.


My Singing Monsters is a very simple game, your main goal: collect monsters. But why would you want to do that (can you guess from the name?) If you said “to make a song” you’d be correct, if you didn’t then I don’t know what you were expecting.


Every single monster has a different sound they make, and as more get added to your islands, the song that they make gets bigger and better. The most common example of this would probably be the Plant Island with its iconic song most people have heard of. Along with the plethora of decoration options for your island, you can really make it yours. The developers of My Singing Monsters have even made a separate app in order for you to compose your own songs with the variety of monsters they have added.


With all the basic information out the way, time to get into the real reason I’m making this article, the fact that My Singing Monsters lost popularity but then got it back. Now, I say that it’s a normal thing for games to do, but it’s not. Think about it, when was the last time you heard of a dead game coming back? (No, Among Us doesn’t count.)The last example I can think of is Minecraft, and that’s with the least amount of lost players from a dying game, so that’s why this is such a peculiar situation.

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My theory for this happening is all the constant updates and Ishowspeed playing it on stream. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so, you probably know Ishowspeed, he became a huge streamer in 2021 and hundreds of thousands of people still watch his streams to this day. Besides Ishowspeed, I think all the constant high-quality updates, along with good promotion and additional side games to the series brought this game back from the dead.


Go ahead and download this game now, it might look exactly the same at first, but when you make a lot of progress you’ll probably notice a couple of different things. With hundreds of monsters added since probably the last time you’ve played (if you ever did) and a plethora of other content, this game really has made a grand return, and the developers of the game are going to make sure to keep it that way.