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Skylar Lytle, Lifestyle Reporter

Everyone, meet our Leo king,  Skylar Lytle. He is a sophomore here at Agua Fria and he is a Lifestyle reporter in the Owl Feed! He was born on August 20, 2007. Skylar is the youngest of  3, he has an older brother and older step-sister. He also has four pets, three of which are dogs and the fourth is a  cat. He has a best friend, J. Keele, and they have been friends since kindergarten.  Skylar was born and raised here in Arizona and has always stayed near the Avondale area.

Skylar isn’t a big sports person but enjoys playing chess and reading, his favorite book series is the Harry Potter series. Skylar loves chemistry and one day hopes to become a chemical engineer. Skylar's favorite color is pink and he loves all types of food, specifically Italian food!  He likes all movie genres so long as it’s not horror. Skylar hopes to someday travel to Japan for many reasons.

People would describe Skylar as smart, energetic, and enthusiastic. When I first met Skylar he seems very shy and quiet and to himself but when he’s with his friends his energy rises, he becomes more talkative and full of life. He is in the class of ‘25 and is very excited about what the rest of his high school career has to offer.

I can tell that Skylar has a very bright future ahead of him and I am excited to see what the future holds for him!

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Skylar Lytle