Online Trends, Are They Dangerous?

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Skylar Lytle, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

We all remember the infamous “tide pod challenge.” People on the internet are always doing or making dumb things, but people are usually smart enough to avoid those. But, one trend (which has died out by now but is a great example for this article) was not so simple.

The pink sauce is a sauce made by TikTok user “Chef.pii” and was something everybody was talking about. People kept asking questions like “What does it taste like?” and “Why is it pink?” Fortunately for them, they got some of their answers, how they got them however was quite unfortunate.

“Chef.pii” decided to make the pink sauce public; everybody was ordering it off of Amazon and other online shopping websites, and people just needed to know what exactly it was. However, there were some “unknown” things about the pink sauce. When people were getting the pink sauce at their houses it was completely ruined, the bottle was crushed and melted, and the sauce itself was rotten.

Basically, what happened was that some steps in the delivery process that needed to be done weren’t. Since the pink sauce had milk products in it, (which is barely pointed out on the nutrition label), it needed to be shipped in a cold shipping container but that never happened. The sauce was all shipped and received from the back of a hot delivery truck. And if your pink sauce did get to your house intact there was still no label on the bottle that said you should keep it refrigerated.

First of all, on the label it says that there are 444 servings of the pink sauce itself, an unnatural number for a condiment, but that’s not the worst (or funniest) of it. Not only did they mess up on the servings number, but they also misspelled vinegar as “vinger”. These two points may not seem too important, just simple and silly typos, but the number of fibers, protein, sugar, etc. was all wrong for the number of ingredients that seemed to have those in them. Now would also be a good time to point out that every single batch of the sauce was also a different shade of pink showing that the amounts of ingredients used in each bottle weren’t consistent. Lastly, there was a warning on the nutrition label for ingredients that people could be allergic to, it included sunflower seed oil and milk, however, milk isn’t even on the normal ingredients list making those who don’t need to read that label not even aware that it’s in it. However, on top of all of this, there is one thing that’s the cherry on top, the product isn’t even FDA approved.

The pink sauce may still be redeemed though because a company has chosen to buy its rights and fix all of the sauce’s flaws. However that is not my point of this article, the point of it is to inform people of the dangers that the pink sauce had and more. So, if you ever see a slightly dangerous trend online and you think about joining, do yourself a favor by doing some research on it first, it may just save your life.