Creepypastas: Copy and Paste Horror


Photo Credit: Gabriel Mendoza

Skylar Lytle, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Creepypastas are some of the most famous stories on the internet. Even if you aren’t an avid horror fan, you’ve probably heard of at least a few of them. The Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Buried alive, Ben Drowned, Red Mist, Sonic.exe, these are just a few examples and I could go on and on. I’m not going to do that though, but, I will list a few examples by giving the gist of the stories, (they will both be pokemon creepypastas as those are some of the first I heard.) All stories written here will be summaries of how they are originally written and will therefore be in the same perspective as originally written if anything seems confusing.

Quick side note: some creepypastas are too dark for school or deal with some extreme topics, such as Red Mist and the Russian Sleep Experiment, so that is why I will not be talking about some of those. However, you are free to look at any of them in your free time, be warned though, as they may be a bit too unsettling for some. Know your limits before reading any stories.

Buried Alive Model: The Buried Alive Model, often referred to by its code, the Buryman script, was the original intended final boss of the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town from the original Pokemon games. It was replaced with the Marowak ghost eventually though. The scripted conversation with Buried Alive was as such, Buried Alive: You’re… here. BA: I’m trapped… BA: And I’m lonely… BA: So very lonely… BA: Won’t you join me? After which, the battle is initiated. The Buried Alive model appeared to have been a decaying human corpse attempting to crawl out of the ground. It had been programmed to have two White Hands, a Gengar, and a Muk. Upon defeating them the game would freeze, however, a specific ending was coded in if you lost to them. Buried Alive would have said, “Finally, fresh meat!” followed by lines of gibberish. It would then show a scene of them dragging the player into the ground with them, followed by a normal game over screen. What’s strange is the console was coded to, after losing to Buried Alive, download the image of the player being dragged into the ground and replace the loading screen of the console with that image.

Lost Silver: Lost Silver was a copy of the Pokemon game Pokemon Silver. Someone purchased it pre-owned and decided to look at the previous person’s save file. What was unsettling though, was the persons team, which consisted of Unowns spelling out LEAVE, and a Cyndaquil named HURRY. It is stated that the person used the move “flash” to illuminate a dark area only to have the room be a red glow, followed by a message that Cyndaquil has “died” as opposed to the usual fainting. The person who bought the game opened their party and found Cyndaquil was gone and the Unown now spelled out messages such as DYING and NO MORE. It is implied that the player character was trapped in that room for eternity, and died there.

That’s all I’ve got for you, but if you want to read any creepypastas for yourself, I recommend the creepypasta wiki. Just because it’s not October anymore, doesn’t mean you aren’t still allowed to give yourself nightmares. Just remember, some creepypastas talk about extreme topics, so always know your limits, and stop reading if you get too uncomfortable. Sweet dreams. : )