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Photo credit: RSS Marine Recruiters

Skylar Lytle, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Meet Brandon Page, a senior student here at Agua Fria. Brandon is very funny, outgoing, and random, but can also be caring and calm. He has had a lot of experience throughout his years here at Agua Fria and has a lot to say about it.

While his high school experience may have been average, there was nothing boring about it. He and his friends did many interesting things this year to make it fun. One of these things was throwing a surprise Christmas party for some of their teachers. Another was when Brandon jumped into a puddle in his freshman year.

Brandon may not be going to college, but he still has a bright future ahead of him. He has signed an 8-year contract with the Marines and is going to be heading off to boot camp on August 13th. In fact, that is his biggest accomplishment from high school. And after that’s over, he has a job in the police force set up for him.

Photo credit: RSS Marine Recruiters

Brandon believes the most important thing in life is experiencing it. When asked what he would go back and do differently he responded with “Experiencing more, not being so worried about tests or other things, just getting out and doing stuff.”. He believes everybody should do and experience as much as they can in high school, as you never get this part of your life back again and you should make the most of it.

But Brandon’s life isn’t all fun and games, he still has fears just like everyone else. One of his biggest fears is the overwhelming sense of being done after you’re done with high school. The idea that you may never be anything again. Although I don’t think that will happen to him, I think he will be remembered greatly.

Speaking of remembering, the thing Brandon will remember most about Agua Fria is its staff and students. Although I think who he’ll remember best are Ms. Bascarino and Ms. Fowler. Both of those teachers have changed his life for the better and obviously mean a lot to him. The best lesson he learns was that there is so much more opportunity than you think there is.

Photo credit: RSS Marine Recruiters

But this isn’t all about Brandon (actually it is but shh). It’s not just him who has done things for other people. His friends push him every day to be a better person than he was the day before. His friends have made him a better person, and there is no better friend than one that pushes you.

Brandon being a senior has a lot of advice for incoming freshmen. His biggest piece of advice however is to “live now, regret later”. You only get to high school once and should experience it as such. Speaking of being a senior, Brandon had a lot of good experiences in his senior year. His favorite part of it however was the fact that it’s so much more relaxed than easier years. It is easier and has no big tests anymore.

In conclusion, Brandon has had a very good 4 years of high school. There were many laughs and regrets along the way, but in the end, it’s all behind him. He may be leaving Agua Fria, but he’s not leaving behind any memories. And he’s going into a great job after working for the Marines. If you ever see him in uniform, make sure to say hi to him. Just remember to live in the moment and experience as much as you can, it’s what Brandon would want (he’s not dead it’s just what he’d want for you to do).