How To Stay Safe on Halloween


Photo Credit: Skylar Lytle

Skylar Lytle, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

IT IS THE SPOOKY MONTH! That means Halloween and whether you’re trick or treating, partying, or just giving out candy, you should know how to be safe. The only thing that SHOULDN’T be scaring you on Halloween is how safe you are. So no matter what you’re doing, you should keep these things in mind.

Firstly, and this may sound counterintuitive, but don’t take candy from strangers, at least not unless you go to their door and they’re giving it out. On the topic of candy, before eating any, make sure to look for any holes in the packaging where people could have slipped in dangerous things. Halloween also has a higher crime rate than any other day in the year, so be sure to watch out for any dangerous criminals.

When You’re going to a party, you often only focus on having fun, but you should still look out for your safety. If there is anybody at a party trying to get you to do something you aren’t comfortable with, or forcing you to do something, you should try and get away from them as soon as possible. Also, if there is any sign of someone looking shady or planning to do something dangerous, you should leave immediately. If the party is getting too out of hand you should also try to leave then as well. Sometimes you may think you are in control when you really aren’t, so always check in with yourself and ask if YOU want to do this, and not someone else. If you ever feel like you aren’t in control of yourself then you should probably leave, or at the very least, get your bearings. Make sure to remember, don’t do drugs no matter how much someone pressures you, and you always have a right to say no, don’t be scared to turn someone down.

Giving out candy may seem safe, but many dangerous things can happen while doing that too. While not necessarily dangerous for the one giving out the candy, you can still look out and make sure that others are safe outside your door. As previously stated, Halloween has a higher crime rate than any other day, so once again, watch out and make sure no criminals are getting close to you. You should also look out for anybody trying to exploit others, remember you can make a difference and should always try to when you can.

This may all sound very boring but it could all happen and you should know how to avoid it. And for parents, I may just be a teenager, but I know a thing or two about safety, so please take these things into consideration on Halloween this year, but don’t ruin your child’s fun though. And for fellow students, I may have never been to a party, but I have binge-watched too much TV and have had too many lectures from my family, so make sure you’re in control of yourself and you aren’t in any danger. Aside from that, Happy Halloween everybody, and remember, stay safe!