Internet Cats and Other Animals

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Skylar Lytle, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Everybody knows cats, and you either hate them or you love them. Some know them as the perfect pet, others as goofy little guys, sometimes even a menace to society. But no matter what you think of cats, you can’t deny that they are pretty much the epitome of the internet.

Cats are pretty much what the internet revolves around. Since the beginning, cats have been a big part of it. Plenty of people have posted pictures of their cats online, have posted others people’s cats, and there are even some very famous cats.

One of the most prevalent examples of famous internet cats is the infamous Grumpy Cat, A.K.A Tardar Sauce, their actual name. If you know the internet, you know Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat had a permanent frown on their face due to an underbite and feline dwarfism. Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat passed away on May 14th, 2019, but I’m sure he will not be forgotten for long.

Getting away from the sadness, sometimes cats don’t need names; sometimes they just need to exist. There are many cats on the internet that nobody knows the name of but are just as famous as others. Most of these consist of random Youtube videos of cats doing silly, goofy things like these.

 Maybe cats aren’t your thing, though; maybe you’re more of a dog person, maybe even a reptile person. Not to fear, there are still plenty of goofy animals on the internet besides cats, such as these dogs

Maybe you don’t like animals, though; if that’s the case, there are still plenty of dumb people on the internet for your enjoyment. Out of every living thing here on Earth, we humans are probably some of the dumbest, so naturally, we put our stupidity on the internet for others to enjoy. If you want some videos of stupid people, try this one.

All in all, though, I’m sure no matter if you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a people person (I guess), we can all agree that things being stupid is pretty fun. Although, do not try to recreate anything that looks dangerous you may see on the internet or force your pets to recreate it. Most of those videos are complete accidents, and everything and everybody in them is completely OK. Don’t risk your health just for a couple of laughs, even if it would be pretty funny.