Suns and Clippers Clash in Playoffs


Photo credit: suns instagram

Ivan Estrada, OwlFeed Sports Editor

Phoenix Suns face off against the Los Angeles Clippers once again in the playoffs, and the Suns are favored to win this matchup.

Back in the 2021 playoffs, the Suns won the series 4-2. Resulting in the Clippers being eliminated from the playoffs.

The Clippers are now looking forward to winning this year’s series as the fifth seed in the Western Conference, just behind the Phoenix Suns. 

In this year’s playoffs, the Suns Face the Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. Game one started on Sunday, April 16, in which the Clippers lead the series 1-0 as they surprisingly won against the Suns 115-110 as they had the home-field advantage.

Game two kicked in Tuesday, April 18th, which was a close game by far as Devin Booker scored a three-pointer, tying the game 59-59 before the second half of the match. Soon after, the Suns dominated in the fourth quarter ending the game 109-123, which tied the series 1-1.

Now looking forward to a tiebreaker, game three took place Thursday, April 20th in Clipper’s home field. Significant game change as the Clippers are already without Paul George and now with Kawhi Leonard as he rules out for game three due to a sprain on his right knee. 

In the first quarter of game three, the Clippers seemed to be doing well without Kawhi Leonard as they tied with the Suns 27-27. Then, in the second and third quarters, the Clippers struggled to catch up with the Suns, being nine points behind as the third quarter ended.

The final quarter set in, and it was close as the Clippers fought back with one minute remaining in the quarter, and they were down by three points (119-116). However, the Suns managed to pull through, ending the game 129-124. 

The Phoenix Suns lead the series 2-1, making them a step closer to heading to round two of the playoffs with two wins remaining. Now it seems the Suns might have an advantage, but the Clippers still have a shot to tie the series again in game four and potentially overtake the Phoenix Suns as the series continues.