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Ivan Estrada, Sports Reporter

As the school year starts and students start pouring into Agua Fria. We get to know new people around the school. One person that I was fortunate to meet this year is Ivan Estrada Castillo. Ivan is a Junior this year and is ready for what this school year has to offer. 

Ivan Estrada Castillo is a nice and humble person. When he enters the room you can feel his positive energy fill the room. Even though he is shy on the outside, on the inside he is funny and such a great friend. 

The class that Ivan and I have is Journalism. The class is full of fast-paced and interesting subjects that we get to learn. “Why did you join Journalism,” I asked. Ivan responded with a look of happiness, “ I joined Journalism because I was interested in it. I was invited to a Journalism conference during the summer, so I applied to it. I went to it, I got a good week about what Journalism is really about. I got into it, and from there on I really wanted to focus on Journalism as my career.” When you see Ivan in Journalism class, you can see that he is fully engaged with the material. As the news editor, he is always on top of things and is working well with others, spreading his positivity throughout the class.

Ivan is a chill person, he really enjoys doing simple things. He likes playing video games, Taking photos, being on his phone, and reading about the news. One person that Ivan enjoys listening to is the weekend. He listens to the weekend on a daily basis, and his favorite song from the weekend is save your tears. One thing about Ivan is that he likes the winter, and during the season of wither he really likes doing secret Santa 

Ivan is prepared for his future, after high school, he wants to go to college. I asked, “ what do you want to do after high school ?” Ivan said, “I want to apply to ASU, U-of-A, and George Mason university. I either want to become a photographer or a Journalist. One of his top school options is ASU because it’s really close by, “ I get to see my family whenever I want to, or when I have a break.”

By now you may have picked up that Ivan is a family person. He likes being close with them, and in his words “make fun of them”. One thing that he usually does with his family is eating together and enjoy one another's company. Ivan has 4 siblings “ I have one older brother, he already graduated  his name is Sergio, I have another older sister Citlali I don’t really talk to her cause she mostly hangs out with her friends, I have another older brother his name Alan, he’s the one I make fun of, and I have younger sister Itzel I just talk to her and go into her room.” 

Some furry friends that Ivan has are two dogs one is an Australian Cattle Dog and the other is a German shepherd pitbull. The Australian Cattle Dog is really chill and is not as playful as the other dog. However, once he sees that the dog wants to play, he is as playful as the German shepherd pitbull. The German shepherd pitbull is really hyper and loves to play. He doesn't want to calm down and all he wants is to play.

As the school year keeps going I hope everyone at Agua Fria gets to meet Ivan at least once. I witness the amazing and positive person he is.

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