Miguel Arevalo Garcia: A Friend to Everyone


Photo credit: David Espinoza

Darryl Taylor, OwlFeed Opinion Editor

When I first interviewed Miguel and began asking him questions, he mentioned how these were very deep questions, questions he had never asked himself before. 

Nonetheless Miguel wants to be remembered as a calm and sociable person, with many friends and strong relationships.

Miguel has had many good friends from middle school with whom he still has maintained a strong relationship with, even up until now, in his last year of high school, senior year.

Miguel loved the social aspect of high school. He told me, he really enjoyed, “fortifying already established friendships.” Friends are very important to Miguel and ultimately is what made his whole high school experience.

Photo credit: Bethzaida Madrigal

When I asked Miguel about a special or defining moment that he could recall during his 4 years at Agua Fria, he thought and earnestly tried to recall a moment but could only conclude that there was no single special moment. Instead he remembered many happy and funny moments when he was surrounded by friends. Whether it was at homecoming, soccer games, outside of school or at prom. He enjoyed the companionship of his good friends.

He also added that Freshman year was his favorite out of all the years and that he really enjoyed homecoming that year. That’s why when sophomore year came around, Miguel said, it was the worst out of all his years. He was separated from his friends and the new experiences & adventures he’d have at school with them. Instead he was at home on his laptop staring at the screen all day for his classes. COVID -19 really made school something Miguel dreaded.

Miguel added that Junior year was difficult, not because of COVID-19, but because of all the tests he had to take, including the ACT. Now it’s his Senior year, Miguel has told me he is not sure what he wants to do. Maybe, he said, he would major in psychology or criminal justice at Estrella Mountain Community College or perhaps Grand Canyon University. 

Miguel’s former soccer coach, Gerardo, was asked about a comment on Miguel and said, “He is a great player on and off the pitch and always has a positive attitude.” And this is something that I believe everyone who knows Miguel can agree on. You would almost never see Miguel without his shining joyful attitude. 

Photo credit: Miguel’s Father

As I was interviewing Miguel he told me that his advice to freshmen and to everyone would definitely be to enjoy the school years. Even if you hate school because of all the work, teachers or whatever. Enjoy the time with your friends, enjoy homecoming, prom and school games. Because you’re only in high school once. Moreover he told me feels like they went by exponentially faster. Especially the years he enjoyed.

It seems that Miguel lives prudently with the mindset of, “principles are just more Important than expediency.” Because it seems that Miguel is just doing his best, trying to be the best he can for everyone around him. 

Miguel is a very outgoing person and his friendly & joyful attitude will forever be remembered by his family and peers. When Miguel goes he will be missed and remembered as the amazing and bright friend he is.