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Darryl Taylor, Opinion Columnist

Darryl Alexander Taylor is one of the most athletic and smart people in Journalism that most people can relate to. He originally joined Journalism as another writing class like English because he loves to write, but instead got the opportunity to write on the school's different events. Darryl decided to stay with Journalism because it still meant he could write, and now he is an Opinion writer/Editor in Journalism. Also, he likes to play soccer during his free time and is even on the soccer team of Agua Fria High School. His enjoyment for soccer even wants to lead him to a career as a successful soccer player after high school. 

Darryl has many enjoyments in his life that make more people relate to him, because he is the type of person to try new things in life. One of his most important things in his life that he loves  will have to be his family. His favorite time of the year is November, because his birthday is on November 24th. Along with that, his favorite season will have to be fall, however; winter is a close second due to Christmas. He loves to play video games such as Valorant, Fortnite, and Minecraft; however, he does not play anymore and now plays in the real games such as soccer. Darryl not only is into soccer he does enjoy the game of Chess, which is one of the reasons he’s intelligent. If he ever gets tired of soccer, workout, and chess he probably eats after getting home from school and watches the trilogy of “The Fallen”.

Some other interesting facts about him is that he is 16 years old and Youtube is the most used app on his phone. He hates when he gains a card as a gift, because it’s something you read once and never read again. If he ever had a midnight snack he would choose yogurt, because it’s simple for the night time. 

Darryl also cherishes the ones he loves in his life such as his friends and his family. Darryl’s favorite moments every now and then are having a good laugh with his friends. When he’s not hanging with his friends he’s probably hanging with his family, since to him family is more important than friends. Darryl loves his family, but does not want more siblings, since he finds 3 brothers enough for him. When Darryl was young he and his family moved from Germany to Arizona when he was in 6th grade. If you ever want to be Darryl’s friend you just simply need one thing that he expects in a friendship “Authenticity”. Say hi to Darryl when you see him!

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