OPINION:The Need of Discipline


Photo credit: Darryl Taylor

Darryl Taylor, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Discipline, training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement or controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training; self-control. 

These are two definitions out of many for the word discipline, however, these two are going to be used for the sake of this article.

First and foremost it should be made clear that this message is, for the most part, about Americans. Most likely no one outside the U.S. will read this but just to be clear. Though much of this applies to people all over the world, life is lived very differently outside of American borders, and some of the problems discussed are only mainstream in the United States, just to be clear.

Now, the purpose of this article.  Is to inspire, change, and show and explain why the lack of discipline is something not great. The meaning behind “lack of discipline”, as it is used, is doing what you want, not necessarily what you need, but what you want, letting your impulses and feelings be what is leading you when making certain decisions. Ben Shapiro says in his show, “fulfillment does not come from that interior sense of happiness at any given point in time. The man who eats tons of ice cream and dies at age 35 of a heart attack because of morbid obesity did not live a happy life”. He further explains, “even though every time he ate the ice cream he felt really good about himself” (Why Men and Women are Unhappy | Episode 1584). 

The point Shapiro makes is very valid, let me tell you why. The reason why people go to their addictions is because of the dopamine and gratification they get from it. They feel fulfilled by the feeling of pleasure. But pleasure is different from actual happiness and joy in life. Humans become a slave to the activities they do because of the dopamine they get from them. That is Addiction.

 The example Shapiro says is quite bizarre but one that reflects reality. Doing what you want at “any given point in time”  just like this man did, felt good at the time but had horrible consequences. Again, this is an exaggerated example, but one that rings truth. Many humans are addicted to things, having no control over themselves. Whether it be gambling, drugs, or anything else you can think of. This is the main message of the article. Discipline will help you to remain in control of your body and your life. To remain in control when you get those urges, those impulses, or the laziness to put in little to no effort.

An idea society has forgotten is the idea of making sacrifices. Shapiro says, “that’s what it’s like to be married, that’s what it’s like to have kids, you give up something, what you get in return is something far greater” (Why Men and Women are Unhappy | Episode 1584). The world today is so focused on seeking pleasure. It seems that a little amount of people put in the effort, or go the extra mile, especially for another person. 

In terms of weight, the CDC statistics show over 40% of Americans are overweight. Which by the way is extremely bad. There is a #FatPositivty movement, encouraging people to remain and become fat. It is not good to be overweight. The aches and health conditions ranging from joint problems to high blood pressure, to name a few are of consequence to being obese. People who are overweight should not be shamed for it. But it is not healthy to remain like this, it is an observable fact. 

In conclusion, it is encouraged that you all discipline yourself in one aspect of your life, mentally and physically. Do not get me wrong, feelings are by no means irrelevant, but acknowledge when they are not what you need to listen to at the moment. If you are overweight, why would you continue eating fast food at such a consecutive rate? If you have an addiction, hold yourself accountable. Quit the addiction with discipline, though it may be hard.

Take pride in discipline and embrace hardship. Reject current pleasure for future suffering, and embrace current hardship for future prosperity. Please do not deny the reality of your situation and take it to heart. Make sacrifices for your future and the life you want. 

I will leave you with this, “Sometimes you have to do what you don’t like to get to where you want to be” -Tomi Amos.