A Senior Goodbye from Hope Laborin: Four Years at AFHS Were Unforgettable

By: Hope Laborin

Dear Agua Fria,

These last four years I spent being a student at Agua Fria is something that I won’t soon forget. I don’t know what I was expecting when I started High school, but I can tell you this, it was definitely better than my time being an 8th grader in middle school (looking at you Wigwam).

20171022_115632.jpgI started high school as a baby-faced freshman who didn’t know how to open a locker and repeatedly got lost trying to find my classes. Now that four years have passed I can now say that I will be leaving this school as a baby-faced senior who doesn’t know how to open a locker and has gotten lost multiple time trying to find my classes.

Looking back now, I realize that a lot has happened over the four years I’ve been here, what with the Ebola epidemic that happened and Robin Williams dying in 2014, gay marriage becoming legal in 2015, the presidential election, the Olympics, and the Zika virus outbreak that happened in 2016, the #MeToo movement, the Wonder Woman movie, and children eating Tide Pods in 2017, and of course the Jake Paul and Kanye West controversies that happened this year.

I’m also pretty excited to be graduating this year as I’ll be part of the very first class to break tradition and graduate at the Cardinals Stadium rather than the ballpark. I’m also glad that I joined journalism during my last two years of high school. The experience has been fun and helped develop me as a person. If I had the chance I would join again or at least come back and teach a journalism class for the school.

I would like to thank my teachers who helped get me this far and I would also like to thank my fellow classmates who have been great to have around and has helped make many memories.

Goodbye Agua Fria and goodbye Class of 2018 you will be missed.


Hope Laborin