Eminem’s New Music Will Really “Murder” the Rap Game


Franklin Reyes, OwlFeed Journalist

Starting the new year of 2020 off, Eminem shocked the world and dropped an album to show everyone that he is still relevant.

Like most of his albums, Eminem has made an album that many people enjoy.

This new album has 20 new songs and 15 features within those songs. It has a total of 1 hour and 4 minutes of playing time.

Eminem has been interested in rap since he was 4 and started rapping seriously at the age of 14. At the age of 17, he was crowned the name of Eminem, which he got from his name Marshall Mathers.

Photo Credit: laviasco.com

Recently he has had a lot of controversy over his recent music, especially about his “diss-tracks” on other rappers. But instead of that, we got what the fans wanted which is his new album Music to Be Murdered By.

In the intro of his album, the song “Premonition” starts off with, “They said in my last album I sounded bitter,” indicating that his last few songs were not as good as his others. He then continues to call out other rappers like 2 Chains and Tech9.

Jose Cordova, a junior at Agua Fria who has been a big fan of Eminem since 2010, explains how this album is better than his last one. “This album has diss-tracks all over it,” he said. “I love it.”

Although in this album he has dissed other people, he also has songs that show that he cares for others and gives his lyrics meaning.

Eminem has also featured Juice WRLD, a big rapper that has recently passed away, in a hit song “Godzilla” that has blown up since the release of the album. “I would consider this the best song in this album,” Jose said.

While most people admire Juice WRLD in the song  “Godzilla,” others admire how fast Eminem raps later in the same song. In the website Genius.com, it shows that Eminem has rapped faster than ever.

According to Genius, “His speed runs through the end of his third verse on ‘Godzilla’ clocks in at around 31 seconds, during which he raps 224 words,” while in “Rap God,” he raps at a slower pace.

In the rest of his songs, Eminem shares events about his life that were significant. In his song “Stepdad,” he explains that his stepfather was abusive to him and his mother, and how Eminem would be full of anger because of it. When he had enough, Eminem stood up to his stepdad and powered through the tough times.

Eminem has recently gained and lost followers due to the controversy over his music but has still had a passion for creating music. Eminem has just turned 47 and is still creating music loved by his fans. Eminem has created diversity, meaning and creativity in these new songs and will continue on to be a legend in the music industry.