Need for Speed or Need for Content ?


Kevin Caballero, OwlFeed Journalist

Is it possible that Need for Speed Heat is already dead after just three months of being out?

Need for Speed Heat is a racing game developed by Swedish game studio Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. As an avid player of the Need for Speed series, I have to say I am somewhat disappointed by Heat. The majority of the community can agree with this. There are many complaints of Ghost Games not communicating enough with their players, and the lack of new content being added.

Many members of the community are referring back to the 2015 reboot titled Need for Speed. By the time Need for Speed2015 was three months into its life cycle it already had multiple free content updates.

As someone who pre-ordered Heat, I can say that the game has not been doing too well as I was anticipating it to be doing.

 Photo Credit: Demon Gaming

I talked to Juan Espinoza about the treatment of Heat when I asked what he thought of no new content? Juan said, “I think it’s unfair and poor of Ghost Games to not be supporting the game as well as they do with others.” I agree with this because other games published by EA and also other developers have pushed out a lot of new content.

Many content creators have put out their opinion including Theo Thomas commonly known as BlackPanthaa has gathered multiple update timelines for other games. Theo said, “I personally think that I am happy that DLC is coming.” This confirms that everyone in the community wants new content and wants their own ideas brought into the game.

Later in the same video Theo touched on the topic of live service games adding on to this by saying “This is a perfect opportunity for them to do it in Need for Speed.” I agree with this because it would keep the game fresh and interesting for anyone currently playing.

Heat has gotten updates but no new content. These new updates consist of simple fixes to the game and adding in features that were already in other games while they launched. These “new” features include a chat wheel and manual transmission.

If you take a look at other games, for example, The Crew 2, got updated with new weekly events and they also added online multiplayer.

The player base had been asking for a lot of new features. These include new cars, new events and more collectibles.

Heat has a lot of potential. There is a lot of support behind it and seeing as there has been no new content, the first content update will make a lot of people proud that there is something new being added to the game.

Personally I would like to see more events and new cars. The game has a good foundation and the community is very supportive. Although it has been a bit disappointing ultimately there are still many chances for Ghost Games to improve the state of Need For Speed Heat.