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Kevin Caballero, OwlFeed Journalist

Kevin Caballero, OwlFeed’s newest lifestyle reporter, isn’t one to miss. His enthusiasm and comedy may not show at first, but after just a small conversation, his true colors will show and you won’t be disappointed you got to talk to him. 

Just getting started for OwlFeed, the Agua Fria junior decided to write for lifestyle as his interests range. Aside from schoolwork, “I spend most of my day watching videos, listening to music and watching movies,” he said. Oh, and of course playing video games!

That is actually what he is most excited to write about: video games. Depending on his mood, his favorite game fluctuates, but usually, it will be a sports game. His favorite sport is basketball and sometimes you can find him playing it; however, Kevin just does it in his free time for fun rather than playing for the school team. 

Other than that, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and family. Kevin was born in Salinas, California, on April 21, 2003. His older sister is 26, and he also has a 13-year-old sister, which makes him the middle child, which in his opinion sucks. “I hate it,” Kevin said. “I always get blamed for everything and the one that all the chores get passed to, so like everything is passed on to me.”

His parents are his role models, alongside his older cousin, Jose Caballero. Kevin’s parents are admirable to him in the way that “they’re always going out of their way to provide for the family and always hard working, and they take advantage of the opportunities they are given to them.”

His cousin, Jose, on the other hand, is his role model because “he is hardworking and he achieves things that he is dedicated to.” Kevin has modeled this so far in his junior year. Although he procrastinates a lot, he is proud he is doing much better than his freshman and sophomore year with better grades. 

Before entering junior year, Kevin said he was pretty scared because his upperclassmen friends told him “‘you’ll want to cry every night,’ ‘there’s so much work,’ but honestly I’ve got used to it.” 

Excited for his senior year, Kevin doesn’t have a set plan for after high school. He is interested in something automotive, whether it be working on cars, doing bodywork or working for a professional tuning shop. 

Although Kevin can’t drive, he is a car fanatic. His dream car is a Nissan GTR, and he said his happiest moment was his first car meet “because I could see all the cars I’ve seen on the internet in real life.” 

The subject of cars is an easy conversation starter to spark a long talk. Once you get talking to him, the conversation just flows. In his words, his best trait is “I obviously talk a lot… [and can talk about] various topics that aren’t even relevant to everyday things and can make a conversation out of that.”

In three words, Kevin described himself as enthusiastic, shy, and kind; and after meeting him, you’ll know why. If you see him around campus, seriously don’t be afraid to wave hello, he is just as sweet as he seems.

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Kevin Caballero