New Year, Same Me


Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed Journalist

As we proceed into the new year, ready to achieve all the goals we’ve set, we must think about how we plan to achieve them.

Just setting the goals isn’t enough — you have to set mini-goals so that you have a clear path to achieve any goals that you’ve set for yourself.

New year, new me
Photo Credit: Identity Magazine

Unfortunately, not many people set goals and check them off the list. I can’t say that everyone gets off track when pursuing their goals for the new year, but I can say that most do.

However, no one can be faulted, it’s a trend. We set goals and post about them so we can brag about all the things we plan to do and who we plan to be.

Our main goal is to show our “#NewYearNewMe” life.

“New year, new me” oftentimes becomes a false statement because, while we want to change ourselves, we aren’t willing to completely own up and change the little things that made us want to change in the first place.

I’m not going to lie, I was one of those people who made goals they knew they weren’t going to achieve. I knew, come next month, that I would never think about the goals that I had “planned” to achieve.

Unfortunately, I would start the new year lying to myself because I really believed I was going to accomplish my goals. I never even stopped to think about what the term “new year, new me” actually meant.

What I always failed to take into consideration was “however you start off your new year is how you will end your year,” something that my mom, Cassandra Garcia, has always told me when setting goals.

Fortunately, some years can be easier than others. When asked if she was having any trouble so far, Deanna Williams, a student at AFHS, said, “I have been on top of my resolutions, 2020 is looking like a very achievable year so far.”

Looking back I realize that it’s easier to achieve goals when you have set aspirations. Using little stepping stones to get to the bigger picture makes it easier for you.

Our goals are never unachievable, sometimes we’re just too lazy to really step it up and change for the better. Re-inventing the way we go about achieving our goals could be a big part of living up to “new year, new me.”

“New year, new me” should be a statement that is said and meant, not something that is said and dismissed. We make goals to achieve them, to make our life better, not to wait until we can finally see the value in them and start the process of achieving them.