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Nasreene Gant, News Editor

When you are down this is one of many people that can bring you up. When you are sad this is one of many people that can make you happy. When you feel like you can’t smile this is one of many people that can make you smile. This person is Nasreene Gant, Nas for short. This is her second year writing for OwlFeed Journalism. 

Nasreene has five total siblings but is the middle child between the family that lives with her. She lives with her little sister and older brother but she is not too close to them. She is from Beverly Hills, California, and moved all the way to Avondale, Arizona, where she has been a resident for seven years. 

What makes her who she is are her family and friends as well as education and opportunities. The experiences she gets to have with other people, she learns from them. Her family members are the important people in her life, everything she does is for them always. 

Even though Nas loves her family, if she could, she would travel around the world. 

“I want to travel everywhere at least once if I can, I'm very big on traveling,” Nasreene said. Although, she hates planes. If she can do a roadtrip she will, but if it’s not possible then she will go on a plane. When she puts her mind to it she will be on one to anywhere or everywhere. 

Her hobbies and interests are reading, photography, baking and listening to music. Her favorite app to read is the Kindle app. Comics are her life. She loves Webtune and Lore Olympus is her story right now. As listening to music is one of her hobbies, her favorite artists are Big Lotto and Conan Gray. She likes her chill music and her hype music. She bakes cupcakes, caramel for caramel apples, and tanghulu. 

Her goal this year is to pass pre-calculus and her future goal is to become who she wants to be mentally. She prefers to write everything down as much as possible if she can. 

Some fun facts about her: she doesn't like to go to lakes because they are brown and you can't see the bottom so you don't know what's in there. She is trying to write poetry to soothe herself when she is stressed.

The time I got to learn about Nasreene and who she is was the best time. I am certain she will develop into who she wants to be physically and mentally.

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