The Concerning TikTok Monthly Trends

Photo Credit: Brian J. Matis

Brian J. Matis

Photo Credit: Brian J. Matis

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed News Editor

Recently there has been an uproar on TikTok about TikTok trends that have been causing some trouble for schools. One example of some of these troublesome trends would be the Devious Licks Challenge.

This challenge resulted in many schools banning the use of bathrooms at school because of theft in the bathroom. Now I know what you’re thinking. What could you possibly steal from a bathroom?

Well friends, according to TikTok there is a lot you can steal from a high school bathroom. There are several videos with people stealing urinals, bathroom doors, soap dispensers, and more.

However, this isn’t the only concerning trend we have to worry about now. As of recently there has been a list of monthly trends for this year starting in August and all of these trends take place in a school. If you thought the Devious Licks challenge was troubling you won’t believe what the trend for October is.

Photo Credit: mstattedteacher

The next trend entails students harassing teachers by smacking their rear ends. It may seem like a detention here and there for the odd students that decide to join in on this trend but it may end a lot worse for them. 

In @mstattedteacher’s video about these trends she starts off talking about this trend by saying, “that is a sexual harassment charge” and I’m afraid she may not be far off from the truth. She then goes on to explain that as a teacher if she were to have an experience like that she simpy “does not go to work to be sexually harassed” and she’s “quitting for good” as a teacher. 

This trend was named ‘smack a staff member on the backside’ and starts next month in October. @Mstattedteacher is not the only one who had a problem with this challenge though. “The staff challenge is disrespectful, ” said Vanessa Leon, Agua Fria senior, when asked about their thoughts.

 Another one of the concerning trends is ‘Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school’ and takes place in the month of November.

I imagine a lot of people are gonna end up without friends that month and maybe even a few bruises to tell the story of their treacherous mistake. In the words of Agua Fria senior Thalia Varela, “If your best friend does that, drop them.”

Needless to say we’re gonna have a lot of problems by the end of this year and if not all then most of them will be stemming from the notorious app itself, TikTok.

I won’t be going into too much detail about all the trends but from what I’m seeing there are gonna be fights, lawsuits, etc. These trends incite nothing but bad things and if it catches too much wind we may just have to buckle up and hope for the best. And if we’ve learned anything from the last couple of years it always gets worse before it gets better.