Gas Prices Rising Faster Than You Can Fill Your Tank

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch gas prices rise while you were pumping gas? No? Well, now you know. Whether you wanted to or not.

Biden has officially put out that gas prices will be rising as you fill your tank with prices rising to as much as $25 per gallon. If you look directly at the meter you can see the price increasing exponentially the more you pump gas. I started filling at $4.75 per gallon, then by the end, I was paying $24.88.

Not only has gas prices for our cars risen but air pump prices for our bikes as well. While the air pump used to be either free or as high as 25 cents, now it’s about $3.

“It’s crazy,” Agua Fria student Louis Tomlinson says as he levitates into the sky. “Gas prices in America are skyrocketing like nothing I’ve seen before.”

Unfortunately, due to the fact that he levitated into outer space, I was no longer able to interview him. Officials are still looking for him. However, more people had things to say about the sudden rise in gas prices.

A polka dot penguin named Marvin added that even though he can’t reach the pedals “gas is over the top expensive yabba dabba doo.” 

Now, I don’t know about you but it sure looks like most of us will be riding bikes and taking the bus by the end of this week.

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With gas prices on the rise and minimum wage staying stagnant, gas affordability is becoming even harder than before. 

“People are starting to refuse to get gas,” James Corden, a QT cashier. “I’m starting to see people stop to get gas less and less every day.”

However, that wasn’t the last of what Corden had to say about the decrease in people stopping to get gas. He even goes on to say that “gas stations might just go out of business.”

Corden had no clue how right he was about to be as the QT he worked at ended up being raided and destroyed by angry protestors out for blood. Luckily everyone made it out unscathed but we will now be missing a gas station that was key to commute by the freeway.

To see more about the rise in gas prices listen to the podcast EconomyTeaTime hosted by President Biden himself to learn more about the increase in gas prices.