Meet Aniya Allender: The Aspiring Author


Photo credit: Aniya Allender

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed News Editor

Who is Aniya Allender? Well, in a few short words, Aniya is hardworking, talented, and introverted. She also just so happens to be one of OwlFeed’s newest journalists.

To say we are happy to have her would be an understatement. Considering she’s an aspiring author, we couldn’t be more grateful to have someone with an affinity for writing. 

 Aniya plans to take her aspiring career as a fantasy author to the next level with college after high school.

“If I can get a scholarship to a university that would be great. Otherwise, I think I’ll just go to community college,” she said.

Where she plans to go is still a mystery to her but her faith in getting a scholarship in a university is all that matters. It’s almost as important to her as her family.  

Aniya was born August 11, 2006, and she has four siblings, her being the mediator, or more commonly known as the middle child, of course. 

The best child is always the middle child and I’m not just saying that because I’m a middle child as well. (Okay maybe I am, but this isn’t about me.)

As a middle child, babysitting her younger siblings is a time consuming job. However, in Aniya’s  free time she likes to watch one of her three favorite shows and movies: Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, and Terrified. 

When I asked her to elaborate on why she loved Gilmore Girls and Terrified specifically, she replied, “Terrified was the first movie to actually scare me” and “I like the fact that (in Gilmore Girls) they’re so close. The town is a big ole’ family.” 

If anything is true about Gilmore Girls it’s that it radiates familial and friendship bonds, something that is very important to Aniya.

In my opinion these are some top tier T.V shows and I believe that her choice in shows is absolutely spectacular and if you don’t agree, well… I guess you just don’t agree. 

Photo credit: Aniya Allender

It can’t be helped, I guess, and if you can’t tell I’m shrugging my shoulders and supplying a look of utter indifference for you. Though, I can say that I’ve never watched Terrified before.

Unfortunately, for Aniya her favorite actress/celeb crush, Blake Lively, doesn’t star or feature in any of these shows.

And just like Blake Lively both in her movies and in real life, Allender wants to travel. To where? To make a short answer even shorter, everywhere. Well, everywhere except for Antarctica.

It’s safe to say that Antarctica was a definite no when she expressed that it’s “just too cold. Arizona has the perfect type of cold.” 

I know it might give you whiplash but her favorite season is actually winter. Odd, I know, but I guess the cold of Antarctica is just too extreme even for her. How anyone could resist the love for our beautifully warm and toasty summers, I couldn’t tell you.

If you didn’t quite catch it, I was being sarcastic. Our summers are horrible and our native Arizonian Aniya knows exactly what I mean.

With her aversion to Antarctica, odd love for winter, and introverted personality, Aniya provides our journalism team with the relatable and fun energy whenever she speaks. 

The journalism team as a whole is grateful to have her as our newest addition and we hope the best for our aspiring author to be.