‘Inventing Anna’ Review: Who is Anna Delvey?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief

Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen ‘Inventing Anna’ and are planning to watch it I would suggest not reading this story. It contains spoilers throughout the entire season.


Who is Anna Delvey? The truth is we might never know who Anna really is. 

However, as the Netflix drama ‘Inventing Anna’ takes us through the twists and turns of journalist Vivian Kent’s journey of trying to find the truth of Anna Delvey’s origin, we can only hope that by the end she comes out with the answers to questions that everyone’s been asking.

Trying to make up for her scandal story that nearly ruined her career, pregnant journalist Vivian Kent spots a story that might just change her career for the better — the story being Anna Delvey and how she infiltrates high society New York and scams hundreds from celebrities, hotels, restaurants, businessmen and women, as well as friends that she makes along the way.

However, with reasonable doubt clouding her reputation, Vivian’s story idea is shot down by her editors. Unfortunately for her editors, Vivian was persistent and continued to investigate the truth behind Anna Delvey.

“In a way, I kind of admire Vivian,” Cassondra Garcia, an Agua Fria parent, commented. “She was relentless in trying to get this story. She didn’t let anyone tell her no because she believed in herself.” 

To that, I agreed. Vivian was relentless in her pursuit of this story and she was doing it to build a career she was proud to support the baby she was bringing into the world.

Vivian was not giving up her chance to be great even if that meant sacrificing more than she bargained for to get the secrets of Anna Delvey.

By most people, Anna was described as special, a burning bright star in a sea of dull lights. She stood out for being unapologetically herself as well as highly ambitious. She had this way of making people love her even if they didn’t like her. It was like they couldn’t help but want to be around her, or try to impress her because nothing impressed her. She had seen and done it all.

Supposed Heiress Anna Delvey makes a splash in high society New York when she shows up with a plan and the confidence to make it happen. Quickly making business connections and friends Anna begins to scam her way into the high life forcing people to believe that she came from a wealthy background.

However, what they didn’t know was that Anna Delvey was actually Anna Sorokina, a young Russian woman who moved to Germany with her family at a young age. Her father was in fact not a rich man and instead was a middle class citizen who was believed to be a Russian mobster.

Sorokina later immigrated to America searching for the supposed “American Dream” she had been seeing in magazines and on T.V. her whole life. What Anna never figured out was that although the American Dream was based on money, it wasn’t the only thing that she would need to gain entrance into the world of the rich and famous.

Now, I don’t watch T.V much, so when I do I tend to watch older movies and shows. It’s just within my comfort zone. However, this show looked particularly interesting and the intro/trailer to the show did nothing to deter that fact. 

Anna Sorokina came off as clever, stubborn, confident, naive, and rich. She was the person you wanted to be friends with, the person you wanted to date, and perhaps that was the most deceiving part of Anna. 

“Anna was charming in her own way. She was comfortable with being who she was,” said Vanessa Leon, a senior at AFHS. “I think that was a part of the appeal of Anna Delvey or Sorokina.” 

However, Anna’s unique personality was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to learning about her. Throughout the series, she is portrayed as a chronic liar and a thief who is constantly sacrificing other people for her own sake.

What is made abundantly clear in every episode by the writers is that the “whole story is completely true except for the parts that are totally made up.” So I guess the next question we should be asking is, what’s true and what’s made up?