Review: ‘Hanako-Kun: Toilet Bound’


Photo Credit: Otaku Study

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed News Editor

As the 1% of Gen Z that barely watches T.V., I can honestly say that there are very few shows that I would likely sell my soul for another season to be added. 

As weird as it is to say, I’m more of a reader than a watcher. I prefer the detailed books over the watered down version. I know it’s a little dramatic to say I would sell my soul for another season, but just work with me, okay?

With that being said, there is one particular show that I would give up my last pizza roll to have just one more season of: ‘Hanako-Kun: Toilet Bound.’ You probably haven’t heard of this anime and if I hadn’t been extremely bored on Hulu I wouldn’t have either. 

 In all honesty, it’s a fairly basic anime but you can’t exactly fault me for liking it. It was just too cute not to and you like what you like. 

It takes a lot to make me fall in love with a show, so just know I say this with absolute bias when I say this the best show I’ve watched since ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’ Needless to say, I completely agree with Comic Watch’s review when they said, “It was much more than I was expecting.”

Picture this: a kid who died several years ago is haunting a girls bathroom at the local high school. Nene Yashiro, a girl with white hair, blue streaks, and a habit of being clumsy, summons the local toilet ghost on a whim of getting her crush to like her back.

Otaku Study likes to describe our almost dity main character Nene as a “self-conscious and somewhat shallow first-year high school student…who wishes for her crush to return her feelings.”

However, things don’t exactly go as planned when Hanako turns out to actually be real. Finding herself locked into a deal with said toilet ghost she had no choice but to be his trusty sidekick in his perilous endeavors of taking care of the school.

Nene now has to balance school, getting her crush to reciprocate her feelings, and helping Hanako free the school of all the dangerous creatures that lurk in the dark of every hallway while uncovering bits of his mysterious death and secrets of his colorful life before death.

Photo Credit: Otaku Study

Toilet Bound radiates cute, quirky, and dark all at once with its mysteriously dark undertones and adorable characters. 

However, this isn’t the reason why I would likely give up my last pizza roll and sell my soul for one last season. What really sold the show was the ghostly boy, Hanako, and Nene’s questionably dumb friend Kou.

Both boys in a way have a questionable relationship with her at times. In moments it almost seems as though they’re making a pass at the innocent Nene and other times it seems as though they’re just trying to be good friends. 

Hanako, the supportive and at times suggestive ghostly boy, is always around to help out Nene, and on the odd occasion, Kou, when she happens to stumble upon a dangerous situation. 

Kou, however, is our resident dense but loveable character with a heart of gold and a little bit of a  mean streak towards Hanako. The two argue throughout the show but always band together when their mutual best friend Nene is in any sort of bind.

To be frank the whole show just has the perfect “balance between comedic school life elements and some genuinely emotional and intense scenes,” according to Otaku Study

I’m sure I could go on and on all day about the reasons that I would likely sell my soul and give away my last pizza roll for this show, but we don’t have that much time. 

So with no further ado, I encourage you to watch the quirky show about Nene Yashiro and her adventures into the supernatural world with Hanako and Kou as her friends and protectors.