Bride Asks for Divorce Day After Wedding


Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed Editor-in-Chief

Imagine saying yes to getting married and giving one clear boundary that couldn’t be crossed. Then imagine your new husband crossing that same boundary the day of your wedding. 

Well, if you’re the same unwitting bride from the Dear Prudence column then you asked for a divorce the next day.

It was just before Christmas that the couple decided to get married, but just before that the bride made it clear that she had only one un-moveable rule and it “was that he would not rub cake in [her] face at the reception.” 

With her rule came an explanation. She reveals in her submission to Dear Prudence that “[she is] VERY claustrophobic after a car accident years ago, and [was] absolutely panicked at being shoved into a cake and held there.”

Boundaries were crossed, a newly minted bride was upset, and an upheaval of rage for this bride was set in motion as her story made its way through social media.

However, the reason this story came out in the first place was because of the uncertainty of the bride. She simply did not know how to handle the situation due to comments from family and friends telling her she was overreacting.

Even still, with her mind made up, the bride asked for a divorce the next day and sought out advice on whether or not she was being unreasonable from more than just family and friends. Social media didn’t take long to reply to her question with a resounding “hell no!”

Comments left on pages with her story all read similar to Elizabeth Coopersmith’s from Twitter when she said, “Not cool, doubt this was his first red flag but it should definitely be his last. RUN.”

There was an abundance of people who commented that this probably wasn’t his first offence and would definitely not be his last. He was simply too comfortable overstepping boundaries that were clearly and responsibly laid out by others. Especially, because this plan to her knowledge was premeditated. 

Reporter Bridie Pearsonson-Jones from Daily Mail UK quoted from the Dear Prudence column article that the bride explains her theory on this disastrous event being “planned since the cake was DESTROYED, and he had a bunch of cupcakes as backup.”

Unfortunately, for this new husband, it doesn’t look like he’s gonna be getting any more freebies on this one from her or the public. 

With social media on standby claiming that his behavior is not only the first red flag but toxic he has no real chance to redeem himself. She had set a clear-cut boundary, one that she insisted wasn’t to be broken and with good reason.

To most this is an obvious sign that there won’t be any respect in the relationship. So this situation should be treated with a lot of care and thought by the bride herself. And it’s understandable that she would turn to others for advice.

With that being said, this unknown bride had valid reason to be upset. If it were anyone else in this situation I’m sure they would be just as upset as she was.

And now the million-dollar question that everyone is asking is how long will this newlywed wife stay upset? Was she upset enough to go through with the divorce? Or would she stay to resolve the conflict that destroyed their wedding day?

I guess we’ll never know unless she decides to give us an update on her final decision. However, I give my best wishes to this unknown bride and hope that she receives wisdom in her search within herself to either stay married or divorce her new husband.