Three Artists with the Best ‘In My Feels’ Songs

Three Artists with the Best In My Feels Songs

Nasreene Gant, OwlFeed Journalist

Being in your feels is something that everyone has experienced in their life at least a few times. You’ve probably even made a playlist for when you are feeling down or out of sorts. Or maybe even several types of playlists for each different shade of blue you might feel. 

I am one of those people who has a whole playlist full of sad songs, and I am not ashamed to admit it. In fact, here are three artists who sing or rap some of my favorite “in my feels” songs.

3. Billie Eillish

Billie Eilish is widely known as the Sad Girl of Indie music. She is one of the most well-known and influential sad girls of our generation.

What makes her music so intense is that it’s real and it’s honest. That is what draws people in.

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“[Billie] always makes me feel like someone understands,” said Anna Jameson, a sophomore at Agua Fria. “Her words always speak emotion and have a lot of meaning and power that I can personally relate to.”

That being said, one of my favorite songs by her is “Idon’twanttobeyouanymore.” This song speaks to a deeper and more emotional part of people — their insecurities. 

“You can feel so unbelievably lost and horrible and like you’re nothing and you are invisible, for no reason at all, which is almost worse than having a reason,” Billie said in an interview with Genius.

If anything, feeling insecure is what being gloomy is all about.

2. Phora

Now I’m going to be completely and utterly honest — I don’t normally listen to gloomy rap music and I’ve just discovered this artist.

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But I haven’t had to hear one of his songs more than once for it to appeal to me.

With that said, there is a sad song of his that not only made me almost cry when I first listened to it but it had the deepest meaning to me. 

The song that had me almost in tears is “Sinner Pt.2.”

To quote DeAnna Williams, a junior at AFHS who referred him to me, “Phora will literally destroy you.” She was completely right.

“Sinner Pt. 2” is about Phora’s feelings and about the hardships that he had to go through. It ranges from the death of his brother to the drug addiction that he had struggled with.

The only reason why this isn’t my number one favorite artist over Sam Smith is because I just discovered his music as of maybe a week ago.

1.  Sam Smith

As we all know, Sam Smith is the one artist that you can always count on when you’re feeling a little down. 

His songs are filled with experiences that he’s been through and moments when he couldn’t pick himself back up. This is what makes him my all-time favorite and go-to a musician when it comes to “in my feels” music.

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Without fail, I always find a way to start my shuffled “depresso expresso” playlist with one of his songs and, embarrassingly enough, if there is a window, I’m looking through it like I’m in an Adele music video.

Sara Molette, a freshman at Agua Fria, expresses in her own words that, when it comes to her Adele music video moments, Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” is “the perfect sad song.”

If we’re going to be true to ourselves, there is no real way to get around our Adele moments. We all do it. And if you say you don’t, you’re really just lying to yourself.