OPINION:Why I DON’T Love Valentine’s Day


Carlos Johnson, OwlFeed Media Editor

Valentine’s day can EASILY go down as one of the worst holidays. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to express our love to our significant other. This holiday is also a horrid reminder that I’m single.

We celebrate Valentine’s Day with our significant other (if we have one) or loved ones. Our love for them on this day seems to be greater than what it normally is. We pamper each other into a sea of undying love. 

However, this is precisely why Valentine’s Day is awful. Here’s the thing: we shouldn’t reserve one day to love our significant other more than we normally do. We should be loving them every day, no matter the occasion or circumstance.

“It’s too big of a deal,” said Arrianna Gomez, a junior at Agua Fria. “Why have one day with your significant other if you should be spending all your time with them? It’s simply too much.”

Photo Credit: Flickr

If your relationship is declining, one day in which you give them extra love is not going to help them, especially if everything goes back to normal right after.

“Your love for someone should be the same daily,” said Lauren Mitchell, a senior at Agua Fria. “One simple holiday is not going to revive your relationship. You need to nurture your love consistently, not all at once.”

 I simply don’t understand why Valentine’s Day is super exciting for everyone. Logically, you should still love someone the same constantly. One day of the year should not affect anything. 

The gifts you give other people tend to have no meaning or value to them. There really isn’t any point in giving people things. The items you give someone will be the same next year and for years to come.

“The sentimental value for things you are given isn’t there,” said Lauren Mitchell. “The chocolates you give will be gone within a week. The flowers you give will die. The teddy bears you give are going to be thrown away at some point.”

On the other hand, there is still one positive side to Valentine’s Day. The candy made for Valentine’s Day goes on sale afterward. Even though this is pretty cool, all seasonal candy goes on sale after a holiday, which really degrades its value.

Next time you celebrate Valentine’s Day, just be aware that it has little to no sentimental value. Rather, it is a cash-grab for companies who want to make a quick buck off of you. You’d be a pathetic, naive moron to think otherwise.