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Carlos Johnson

Carlos Johnson, Media Editor

Meet Carlos Johnson, a devoted student, brother and classmate. He is a part of several clubs including Link Crew, Improv, Theatre and NHS.  He loves to spend time with his six siblings as much as possible.

As a senior this year, Carlos has taken on many responsibilities by being apart of several clubs. Each club displays a part of his personality that people may be able to notice. These clubs even influence the jobs he is considering pursuing in the future.

Carlos is apart of a group called Link Crew, they come in on freshman day and show them around the campus, which shows that he likes to be helpful.

He is also very responsible which you can see from his involvement in the National Honor Society (NHS). His inclusion in this group not only represents how responsible he is but it also shows that he cares about his future.

This brings us to his last two clubs, Improv and Theatre. Both of these clubs show that not only is he responsible and helpful but he is also creative. His creative side is brought out and more pronounced in his acting and writing.

Photo Credit: Carlos Johnson

“I want to teach theatre to high school students so that would take some type of theatre degree,” he said. His interest in theatre originally stemmed from a friend who had used “baby steps” to get him involved. After that, you could say that theatre became one of his favorite clubs.

He became interested in psychology so he took an AP class to explore the subject. When he realized what the class was truly about, he became interested in the professional fields psychology had to offer.

Carlos was adopted March 20, 2018, by a loving family that he has more than expressed he enjoys being around.

In fact, when talking about his family, Carlos displays a sense of gratefulness and compassion. You can clearly see that his family means the absolute most to him and nothing could ever change that. Especially when he said, “I love my family, they’re pretty cool.”

He has a total of six siblings. Each of his siblings share a special place in his heart as he said that his favorite pastime is “just being together.”

Carlos is truly a great person. He shows his excitement in everything he does and never fails to make people smile.


By: Nasreene Gant
OwlFeed Journalist

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