OPINION: The Coronavirus Helped Me Realize What I Took for Granted

OPINION: The Coronavirus Helped Me Realize What I Took for Granted

Carlos Johnson, OwlFeed Managing Editor

As we are continuing to wash our hands, practice social distancing and learn from home for who knows how much longer, I have come to the realization that everything I once had was taken for granted.

As social distancing is still highly necessary to practice in the United States, so many of the small things in life that we had are suddenly being taken away. So many things in our lives that we once loved are being ripped away from our grasp. This means no hanging out with friends, no movie theaters and — yes, I will be the first to admit it — no access to school.

It is so weird to even think that I would miss going to school. I miss the packets of papers from my AP Statistics class. I miss getting to cut two by fours in Technical Theatre. I miss getting to eat lunch with all of my friends. 

This is such a surreal experience. This has really helped me come to realize so many of the things that I took for granted. There are also many hardships I am experiencing and I am not the only one. There are numerous teachers and students at Agua Fria who feel the same way.

“The hardest thing is the feeling of isolation,” said Miss Johnson, Agua Fria’s Creative Writing and AP Literature teacher. “I have two lovely roommates, luckily, but I really miss seeing all of my students every day.

Photo Credit: Pexels

It is such a hard experience not seeing your friends and colleagues every day. Not to say any names explicitly, but there were some days where there were teachers that I LOATHED seeing throughout my high school career. Now looking back, if I could get one more class period with them, I would take that right now.

I miss having stupid debates and heart-to-heart conversations with all of my teachers. They are my parents when I am away from my actual parents. School was my home away from home…literally. I would spend at least ten hours a day at school.

“I never realized how much I would miss my teachers until now,” said Alexis O’Donnell, a junior at Agua Fria.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still grateful for what we have left. Sure, we do get to see our teachers every weekday, whether it’s through Google Meets or Zoom. I love it, but it just isn’t the same. I just don’t know how people can live like this and not lose their minds.

If there is just one thing I wish we still had, it would easily be Theatre Club and my theatre family. I would spend about three hours a day with them, practicing lines, planning events, and goofing off with them all. 

Now, I don’t have any of that. It has barely been a week and club members are already feeling the effects.

“Theatre was my getaway. I was able to go there and get away from my troubles,” O’Donnell said. “It doesn’t feel right not going into the auditorium every day.”

As we get this time to reflect, everyone everywhere is starting to wish they could turn back time and go back to their old problems, but we don’t have to do that! If you want what was taken away, simply take action and WASH YOUR HANDS!