Season 4 Brings Even More ‘Stranger Things’


Franklin Reyes, OwlFeed Journalist

The unexpected events of the Stranger Things season 4 trailer brings excitement to all people that enjoy a good thrill on Netflix. The new aspects of this trailer might make this season one of the best.

The new trailer is a little less than a minute long, but has enough information to set the season, and yet, not tell the whole story. Although, it has angered fans. The medium-sized trailer was released on the Feb. 14 and the season will premier in April 2020.

Video Credit: Movie Trailer Source

At the beginning of the trailer it starts off as a snowy setting creating a mysterious vibe due to there not having been snow in the past seasons. Then the camera continues to move and shows a group of workers working on a railroad. 

People believe the setting is in Russia due to the clothing of the workers and the weather. Guards are then seen with guns patrolling the area from a watchtower and some seen holding guard dogs and riding snowmobiles.

These guards seem to be on watch as if they are hiding something or protecting something they are working on. The snow continues to fall freely and then shows a close up of workers nailing down the railroad tracks.

One of the workers continues to take their hat off and is revealed that it is one of the main characters from the other seasons, Hopper. 

Joseph Gallardo, a junior here at Agua Fria, was surprised when he saw that the character Hopper was still alive. “This is what got me here, I thought for sure he died last season!” he said. “But I’m happy he is alive and can not wait till the release.”

After the reveal of Hopper, the trailer ends there bringing confusion, questions and anger about this cliffhanger. “I just wish that they would have at least made a minute with more information about it,” Joseph said.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Although some fans may be upset at The Duffer Brothers, the directors of Stranger Things, other people enjoy the mystery and easter eggs put in this trailer.                   

Speaking of easter eggs, there is a good amount found, and probably a bigger amount still needs to be found. Eric Voss from New Rockstars has found many in this trailer. “Notice the two guards are standing along some kind of line,” he said. Later he observes that it could be a fallen tree from an interdimensional monster like the past season.

There are also other subliminal messages like how Hopper looks like Eleven when she was found in season one, both looking lost and confused. Another background mystery is why are the workers there and why are they getting whipped?

Whether it is cliffhangers or easter eggs, everyone still needs to wait for the premiere of the show to really know what is going on. Until then we could only watch the trailer, past season, and upcoming teasers 1,000 more times to try to understand the plot of this new season.