The Status of the Covid-19 Vaccine

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Franklin Reyes, OwlFeed Journalist

Although these times of the coronavirus are tough, here is some information about the vaccine and when it will be safe to use. The virus would continue to spread until a vaccine is found and during these times there may be another wave.

During this time of panic, there is only one thing we can do to help it, and that is to stay home. The vaccine is in the works and people are trying their hardest. 

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According to James Gallagher at, people are trying their hardest to stop the spread and “research is happening at breakneck speed.” When it comes to the lab, “There are more than 20 vaccines in development. One has begun human trials after unusually skipping any animal research to test either the safety or the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he said. 

Vaccines of this type typically take a year to a year and a half to develop. Making the vaccine in that timeframe is definitely a possibility due to the amount of work being put into this. But what people do not realize is that if this vaccine is complex and expensive, will we be able to create a mass production for the entire world?

Realistically, if we were to create one it would not be made until at least the middle of next year. Spreading the vaccine around the world for everyone would also take at least a month. 

Not all people would be protected as well as others from the virus vaccine. People that have weaker immune systems would be more vulnerable to this virus but all we can do as of now is isolate ourselves from the outside world and do productive things in our homes.

Joseph Gallardo, a junior here at Agua Fria, explains that we should not worry if people take the right procedures. “Although there are 401 confirmed cases and 6 deaths in Arizona alone, if all people stay home and only leave for emergencies, the spread would slow and help until there is a ‘cure,’” he said.

In the New York Times, they state that Covid-19 may be able to be turned around. “China, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan have demonstrated that, with furious efforts, the contagion can be brought to heel,” they said. 

Also in Canada, researchers from Sunnybrook Research Institute and two Ontario Universities isolated the virus and are studying it to try to find a vaccine.

Right now, most families are worrying when this “plague” will either die down or when we will have the vaccinations for it. There is not an official safe vaccine but all we can do is isolate ourselves to slow this spread.

This crazy pandemic has made the world panic but always remember that it will end. The only thing that will slow this down if we wash our hands, avoid touching our faces, and stay at least six feet away from others. And eventually, the vaccine will be developed.