Stay Frosty Soldiers, Rainbow Six Siege Just Got An Update

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Franklin Reyes, OwlFeed Journalist

The Rainbow Six Siege community has been waiting for a game changing update, just like this one. Operation “Void Edge” has been newly released and is one of the biggest updates yet.

This new update contained two new operators coming from Azraq, Jordan and the Netherlands with a reworked map. It also contained patches and fixes to improve the game.

One of the operators is named Iana, she plays on the offensive team. Her gadget is a hologram that players can log into and control. This hologram can only run, jump, and easily distract.

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The other operator, Oryx, is a defensive operator that can run through non-reinforced walls and jump up open hatches. Both operators may seem like an R6 players dream but the operators do have some negatives about them.

One problem with Oryx is that he is a two speed operator meaning that it is harder to roam with him. Another problem is his breathing is too loud and the enemy can easily detect him. Another negative is that he has no ACOG sight on his weapons.

A problem with Iana is that she only has three holograms. An even bigger problem is the hologram has a semi quick timer. Even her weapons do not have as much ammo as people would like.

Keegan Pitre, a junior at AFHS and a player of the game, claims the operators fit in the game of Siege. “Now obviously adding two new operators to the game would change a lot, but I believe the players would soon adapt to these new conditions,” he said.

Also, the reworked map of Oregon is not a fan favorite. Andrew Esparza, a junior here at Agua Fria High School and a platinum level player in the game mode ranked, thinks the map was fine on its own. “To be honest, the old map was the best in the game, but ever since the rework it changed my gameplay,” he said.

The new changes they made on the new map was they made the thin part of the map thick and fixed some of the jump outs to prevent deaths when they first spawn in.

Some players would argue that these operators have no real good use and should not be picked into the 5 slots that are getting picked. But others argue that “These gadgets are very useful and I have a strong feeling they would have high rate picks, even in the proleague,” Andrew said.

There are many positive and negative effects to the release of this new update. Many players hate it, many love it. But all we can do is wait it out and keep playing the game during these tough times.