Meet Jesus Ortiz


Photo Credit: Jesus Ortiz

Meriah Curry, OwlFeed Opinion Columnist

Jesus Ortiz is a freshman here at Agua Fria High School who holds the role of one of our newest news reporters at OwlFeed. He chose this class  because, “It was a really good option to use the opportunity to help my writing and overall help being more social.”  

Jesus moved here from Palm Springs, California, just recently along with his parents and dog. His dog is held very close to his heart and fills his life with a bit more joy. 

However, his older brother is back in California living his life. Despite not having everyone with him, he still enjoys being home with his family that is here in Arizona. They are what he would like to call “very entertaining and crazy in a good way,” Ortiz says.  

As much as he adores their presence and laughs, he loves them even more when they allow him to have his alone time. Being alone for a little is something that is very important to him. 

He enjoys their company even more because of “how supportive they are with all his decisions and goals,” Ortiz said. There isn’t one thing his family is not ecstatic about when he tells them about it. Jesus’ big plans and dreams are no exception.

One of his first steps is going to UCLA to pursue his dream career of becoming a lawyer as soon as he graduates high school. His ultimate motive of becoming a lawyer is to help those who need assistance in legal situations, from tickets and fines to child care disputes and more. This would go on to lead him into his desired future of being rich and successful.

Outside of the motivated mindset, he is still your typical teenager. Jesus loves to keep up with the latest trends going around such as new and returning styles or the TikTok trend for the week, whether that be a new dance or creative video idea.  

When not following up on the newest trends, he enjoys playing games such as GTA and makes time to hang out with friends outside of school. Spending quality time with his friends consists of grabbing some food and hanging out at the park.  During these hang-out sessions, they sit and catch up on what’s going on in their lives and goof around.  He also never forgets to make time for his mid-day naps after school.

Jesus likes to think of himself as loud, very respectful, brave, and confident.  If you were to ask some of his friends they might describe him as passionate and mention the way strives to complete a task, because of how much he likes to make sure he overcomes hard times and different situations he might be put into.  

Don’t be shy to go up and say hi to Jesus and encourage him as he informs us on the news getting closer to the end of this year.