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We all know that one person that lights up a room, those people that have the ability to do that by being themselves. Meriah Curry is no different

She is someone that is really quiet and shy, but when you get to know her, she is kind and nice.

Meriah is from Arizona. According to Meriah, she spends a lot of time on her phone, and also spends a lot of time at home, either out with her best friends, or with her boyfriend. Something really interesting about Meriah is she is a West-MEC hairstyling student, and that’s a career she would like to pursue in the near future. 

Her favorite show is Rick and Morty, a sci-fi show that airs on Adult Swim.

Meriah is someone that knows what she wants to do with her life. Meriah is very organized on her plans after high school. What she wants to do is to be a hairstylist, either owning her own salon or working as a traveling stylist. In order to do that, she wants to go to community college to get her full cosmetology license.

Meriah looks forward to spending time with her loved ones each day. “Something that really lights up my day is going home and talking with my friends, family, my boyfriend and even my dogs,” she said. 

The way Meriah explained shows that she is close with her family and she enjoys their presence and loves having them around. Similar to that, she loves being around her friends also.

Meriah is someone that loves to be with her friends and one of her favorite memories in school was freshman year in her PE class. “As much as I hated [the class], it would probably be freshman year PE because it was really funny,” Meriah said. “This one day in that class, we were riding scooters, and I was pushing my best friend and I fell, then my best friend just launched forward and just slammed into the wall.”

The last thing I asked Meriah is to describe herself in 5 words or less. She responded by saying “I’d say I’m hard-working, introverted, very dedicated, and patient.” 

Once you get to know Meriah you can tell that all things she said are true. While interviewing her she was really patient and a little shy. One thing that I would like to say is that she doesn't give herself enough credit. Meriah is kind, outgoing, confident, and smart. Meriah is someone that you could open up to and just have a really great conversation. 

By now we probably know who Meriah Curry is. But in order to really soak up all the greatness Meriah has, you're just going to have to meet her.

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