OPINION: Netflix Is Going Downhill


Photo Credits: rswebsols on pixabay

Meriah Curry, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Netflix, the pioneer in movie and television streaming, has begun to go downhill as new streaming platforms are created. 

Netflix is one of the biggest show and movie streaming platforms out. Netflix reached its peak in 2021 with 220 million subscriptions. It has competitors such as HBO Max with 73.8 million subscribers and Disney+ which hit 129.8 million last year. 

These two platforms are showing some of the most popular shows and movies out now. Euphoria is a popular TV drama series that is on HBO Max but not on Netflix. 

Disney+ has not only new movies like Encanto and Luca, but older Disney classics. There are many shows and movies that are not on Netflix’s platform but on others, which pulls some subscribers away.

Netflix  is also starting to remove or cancel many loved shows and replacing them with other shows. People have become extremely upset at the fact they are doing this and a lot have threatened to cancel their subscription. 

Netflix’s growth has slowed down due to competitors’ offerings. In an article on CNBC TV 18 it stated, “The reason behind this slowdown in such markets has been the increasing competition that the world’s biggest streaming platform has been facing.”

“One Day At A Time” is about a Latin family that consists of a mother, her two children and their grandmother. Netflix had put out three seasons and decided they were going to cancel the show. 

The show had been scored on the satisfaction rate by both critics and watchers, according to an Insider article. The results were: “Average critic score (for the first three seasons): 99% Audience score (for the first three seasons): 90%.” 

“On My Block” is another beloved drama series. The show was about a group of teenagers who went through high school together who along the way try to find a great sum of money and run into many problems. The show had filmed and released four seasons before Netflix canceled it. 

In the Insider article from before the show was scored as so, “Average critic score: 95% Audience score: 81%.” As expected, people were outraged by the cancellation of the show. 

“The Hype House” is a show that focuses on social media influencers and their lives in a creator house. This was one of the shows Netflix decided to add onto their platform after removing others. Their subscribers were upset that they were getting a show like this in replacement of the shows they actually watched and loved. 

In an article Virginia Glaze published on dexerto.com, she said, “Plenty of outraged viewers are upset that the service canceled other shows and chose to go through with a social media reality series, instead.”

The backlash Netflix receives never stops since the removal of many shows. Gina Gonzales, a junior here at Agua Fria, said, “It’s getting boring and they’re too overpriced for them to take off good shows.” 

There have been many instances where Netflix had been threatened with canceled subscriptions because of their poor publishing choices. In order for them to keep the clientele they have built they must start taking feedback into consideration. They also should rethink future removals and additions to the streaming service.

The rate they are going at will result in many more upset customers and canceled subscriptions.